Telstra: Gotta keep 'em separated

Telstra: Gotta keep 'em separated

Summary: takes to the streets to see what opinions the public has to voice regarding the Telstra separation.

SHARE: takes to the streets to see what opinions the public has to voice regarding the Telstra separation.

The antagonists have had their say, the industry has voiced its response, but what about the average bill payer?

Does the general community believe a Telstra break up is a good thing? What are the community opinions on competition? And can the Telstra separation stop one man sweating at night?

Topics: Government, Government AU, Telcos, Telstra

Liam Tung

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  • Like Vodafone but bigger?

    Im afraid you will find that Voda is the 2nd biggest telco in the world.... found in 35 countries....

    This is excellent news that i have been waiting 8 years for!
  • Yep.

    I think they are referring to the Australian market. Even after their merger with Hutchison they are still only #3 here.
  • Should never have been sold together in the first place

    The previous government should never have sold the retail and wholesale portions of Telstra as a single entity, they should've been separated prior, to save on all the pain and agony that has been felt since
  • Telstra Split !

    Finally they split !!! had a communist rule over the Internet market in Aus for decades.... !

    P.S Telstra #1 Optus is #2 Voda/Hutch #3
  • lol

    "What do you think of the Telstra separation?"
    "I think it will be really good, yeah, really good"

    An intelegent response from any one of those people would have been nice.
    Three minutes fourteen and seconds that i'll never get back.
  • Stupid

    These people, as well as most Australians have no clue about how the telecomunications market works. They just hear something on TV or radio or read something in the paper and they will agree. The Herald Sun in Melbourne said people cant wait for Telstra's separation to get cheaper mobile calls. Telstra separation will have nothing to do with mobile calls idiots.
  • intelegent lol.

    As intelligent has someone with no intelligence who can't even spell intelligent speaking of intelligence.