Telstra hit by nationwide data outage

Telstra hit by nationwide data outage

Summary: Telstra has suffered a nationwide data outage this afternoon, which the telco has blamed on the brief failure of its international cable link.


update Telstra has suffered a nationwide data outage this afternoon, which the telco has blamed on the brief failure of its international cable link.

Telstra's data service began to suffer at 1.40pm AEDST this afternoon, when the company's international link stopped processing service requests. The telco then noticed performance issues in local sites as the network began to sag under the sheer load of requests, before crashing shortly after that.

The telco has told ZDNet Australia that the outage affected both its fixed-broadband and mobile-data customers nationwide for roughly half an hour.

Telstra gradually started restoring services at 2.25pm AEDST.

The company has advised that its front-of-house technical support staff across fixed and mobile products were experiencing an extremely high volume of calls for help.

Telstra wholesale customer Dodo later said that one of its routers had been at the centre of the outage.

"Dodo experienced a hardware issue with a Cisco border router. This issue caused Dodo to broadcast network routes to Telstra," the company said.

"In normal circumstances, this would not result in a network outage. However, it appears that these routes were accepted by Telstra and propagated to Telstra's downstream customers rather than Telstra simply filtering the routes. This caused major issues for Telstra and its customers which should have been avoided."

Updated at 9.46pm, 23 February 2012: added comment from Dodo.

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  • Seems that Dodo (Internet that dies) are the root cause (no doubt compounded by later traffic):
  • Dodo has now released a statement on the matter, which I have used to update the article. Thanks for the comment matthewjb.
  • I've noticed strange behaviour in general internet performance (not carrier specific) that has been ongoing for weeks. Different carriers, different networks, different users, different states.

    Add in some surprising outages from major organisations and crippled searches I'm starting to suspect a secret cyberwar is being waged that the government and telcos don't want us to know about.
    Scott W-ef9ad
  • This demonstrates that the Australian implementation is not INTERnet, but rather TREEnet. If a branch dies (or in this case the Telstra TRUNK), everything further downstream dies as well. The sideways connections between IAPs are completely inadequate. Is Dodo INTERconnected with Soul, iiNet and iPrimus etc.? I doubt it. Is there any other TRUNK into Australia apart from Telstra? I doubt that too.

    The 'wholsesale' structure of net data needs to be abolished. IAPs supplying each other with customer traffic should all be at parity with each other.

    Both my neighbour and I have wireless capable routers and each of us uses a different IAP. Therefore when one of us has an outage, we can still use the other's IAP via the wireles. This sort of "webbing" should be occurring amongst all IAPs, but it would seem that this is not the case.