Telstra: No complaints staff = no complaints

Telstra: No complaints staff = no complaints

Summary: Telstra is boasting about its lowest complaints tally in three years, but the industry ombudsman says that's only because there haven't been enough operators to take calls.A spokesperson for the Telecommunications Industry Ombudsman, which registers all complaints made regarding Australian telcos, said the industry body's complaints centre was down to less than two-thirds its normal staffing level for the quarter to June 30 due to internal training procedures.

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Telstra is boasting about its lowest complaints tally in three years, but the industry ombudsman says that's only because there haven't been enough operators to take calls.

A spokesperson for the Telecommunications Industry Ombudsman, which registers all complaints made regarding Australian telcos, said the industry body's complaints centre was down to less than two-thirds its normal staffing level for the quarter to June 30 due to internal training procedures.

Even so, the number of complaints registered about Telstra remained above the industry average for that quarter, the spokesperson said.

"[In the previous quarter] we had been getting an increase in complaints on the telco industry," the spokesperson said.

Telstra today issued a statement boasting a 22.4 per cent decrease in overall complaints registered with the ombudsman. However, the ombudsman reported that the telecommunications industry average had dropped by around 25 per cent due to the temporary staffing shortage.

Telstra reported a slow-down in complaints in all areas "except one statistically minor area". The ombudsman maintains that the only category that received a higher number of complaints across the industry was billing; billing accounts for more than one-third of all complaints made registered about the telecommunications industry.

Despite the ombudsman's diminished call centre, the spokesperson reported a five percent industry-wide increase in billing complaints for the quarter.

Telstra did not return ZDNet Australia's calls.

Topics: Telcos, Telstra

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  • No use complaining to Telstra.

    It only irritates you more, apart from the fact that it is useless anyway.
  • telstra's customers have given up complaining... we have come to expect a substandard service
  • All I can suggest is that when you want to complain you do it via email and cc the TIO and the ACCC on every occassion, that way there is no denying the numbers.. seriously, if you are cranky as are you going to wait an hour to speak to a Telstra monkey who can do nothing to help, provide no advice and usually does not even have access to any information on the problem at hand.

    Do something!

    Hit the Big Pond Assault site and reach out and touch somebody.
  • If complaining to Telstra accomplishes nothing , people stop complaining to them directly and this is reflected in their results.

    Add to that the phone centre staff shortage , and you have additional factors which help in reflecting these figures.

    In typical Telstra fashion , all of this information on phone centre staff shortages being a major contributing factor ....was conveniently left out of its statements , and its testament to the type of company they are.
  • I have just about been driven insane in my attempts to get issues resolved by Telsta this year. I have tried emailing them and waited days for an automated response and weeks for a real reply. Most responses to my emails have failed to answer the question raised. I have tried phoning and been kept on hold so long that I gave up. I have been passed on to totally arrogant, rude, insulting, patronising staff who did nothing to resolve the issue - just said how much they enjoyed arguing with me! I have had them up to the eyeballs quite frankly.
  • Having Recently had two new lines installed in our new home, we were decidely annoyed when a few weeks after Telstra came to connect everything up one of the phone points failed to work at all.

    When we called Telstra they said it wasn't their problem at all (after we waited an eternity on hold). They did offer to come out and check it out for a minimum cost of $65 !!

    We then asked for a complaints form as this was clearly unacceptable to us - the response was - "its no use complaining to us as its not our problem" and "we don't have complaints forms".

    I suppose not having a complaints form is one way to keep complaints down.

    The saga of having the lines connected was most amusing when Telstra sent two different technicians to connect each of the phone numbers individually on the same day. It was a little gratifying as I watched the Telstra technician try to call Telstra itself about the job - only to see him be put on hold for over 20 minutes.

    A line from a very old comedy show (D-Gen or Australia You're Standing in it I think) comes to mind when a man calls "Telecom" and asks to speak to the "fascist in charge".

    I am sure that Telstra's mission statement is really "Arrogance, Denial and Obstruction".
  • Telstra's system is designed to stop complaints. You can't talk to anyone with authority. You can only "register" a complaint via a phone clerk with no power to act and no interest in your problem. Then it goes through a "channel" which takes literally forever and rarely yields any result! I've taken my complaint directly to the media and the policiticians and I'll continue to shout until I am heard. TELSTRA IS SENDING AUSTRALIAN BUSINESSES BROKE. It is an arrogant monster with no customer service ethic, no regard for business or contract law, and no accountability. It is a NATIONAL DISGRACE!
    Our Business Services Manager at Telstra responded to my complaint that Telstra simply "tore up" a legally binding contract that it decided it didn't wish to honour, leaving a multimillion dollar public company without vital services and on the verge of collapse as a result, got the response "We can do as we please. There's nothing you can do about it!". Then he made an appointment to come and see me to discuss an alternate solution. A week after the appointed time, I'm still waiting. No phone call, no contact! I've left dozens of phone messages. No call back! We'll see who can "do nothing". I intend to crucify the people who caused our problem. Telstra can fudge statistics all it likes. I'll shout until the entire nation knows how it treats Australian businesses and at what cost! This arrogant monster MUST be forced to account for its failings.
  • Well...i had been put on hold for more than one hour.
    A month after i discovered i had defaulted my telephone bill.
    Now i cannot apply for any loans and lost heaps just cause of some employees who do not answer calls from customers.
  • If you are to complain you'll get to speak with Samantha in the credit department. Although never seen her, i bet she is as big as an elephant....u can feel it from the way she'll treat you. You are not a customer, and its nofin like customer service....Its different... with Samantha, Telstra is always right...
  • Contact the ombudsman. If they don't listen to us - get all their names, each time you speak, make a diary of each call and its outcome, and put a name and employee number (even tel #) to the complaint. Why chase them with your valuable time, you pay their wages? Let the ombudsman chase them!
  • telstra

    i spent 4 hours on the phone to telstra today, speaking to a number of people in many different departments trying to resovle the two lies they told me on my last two bills for which i was promised a credit for errors they had made, only to find out i was the only one whos notes reflected the conversations and their notes made no mention of the promise at all. The first department would tell me the was an error and they would forward me to the one that would fix it 20 mins later a kind voice would tell me i was in the wrong department and they would forward me to the right one who would say no one has said there would be a refund and they dont know what im on about. Im thinking there is a room full of people (monkeys with typewriters maybe) having a ball mucking us about. im sure they are making millions by just frustrating and confusing us out of our cash (maybe they follow the same model at qld health who make the elderly catch 16hr bus rides to brisbane for five minute consult then flick em back on the 12 month list thing again, perhaps they will save a fortune on echausting them into an early grave)
  • i have a complaint about telstra

    We are calling telstra and complaining.
    they say "we will call you back"
    They have not called back after aprox 12 phone calls.
    telstra do not apear to want to help
    they are ignoring our complaints
    telstra are not recording on their computors our complaints.
    TELSTRA CAN NOT FIND OUR HOUSE????? BUT the house has had a phone number and has all the connections.
  • Have you ever checked to establish if it is legal for YOU to make your OWN recording of your telephone call to these parasites? Record the details of start time/date and end time of your call on the recording. Use a speaker phone, and if you need to take the matter to the TIO, which you should do after the second failure, on the part of this filthy, decomposing, odious, pusillanimous maggot of a corporation to resolve the problem, send them a copy of said recordings along with your complaint. It is easy to convert it into an MP3 and retain your original yourself. I think you might find that you can LEGALLY record a conversation in which YOU ARE A PARTICIPANT, but NOT where you are a third party and not involved in the conversation. All my dealings of this nature are recorded, BY ME, in the interests of accuracy, and it makes it difficult to misquote them or for them to deny the conversation. Please note, where I reside, that you are NOT required by law to advise them that you ARE recording the conversation. Check the laws in your OWN area to be sure of YOUR rights and obligations regarding recording of your own conversation with them. Your own telephone records will support the time and date details you speak into your recording, along with the recipient of that call. It certainly helped get my message across to Telstra, who I no longer directly use for ANY service provision. Tell your friends, email your friends and such and let them know. Put forward an alternative carrier if you find a good, reliable one to protect OTHER potential victims.
    Have a good day