Telstra plans to move 671 jobs overseas in Global Services shuffle

Telstra plans to move 671 jobs overseas in Global Services shuffle

Summary: Telstra has announced a plan to shift 671 of its existing Australian jobs and contractor roles into Asia over the next 12 months, with the telco set to start moving the jobs offshore in September if the plan goes ahead.


Telstra today announced a plan to move 671 of its Australian jobs into Asia, starting from September this year, with the company saying that it is likely the jobs would be offshored by July next year if the plan is to go ahead.

A spokesperson for Telstra said that the 463 existing Telstra jobs and the 208 contractor roles would move overseas as part of changing roles in its Global Services business, with the aim of supporting its growth in the Asia region.

"Today's announcement proposes an increase in resources in the Global Delivery Centres," the spokesperson said. "To compete effectively internationally we need to have resources in the region and the capability to scale rapidly to meet demand."

The company said it needed to have appropriately skilled people in the regions where its customers are, in order to build relationships and provide the level of service needed to "win and retain international business".

According to Telstra, the staffing changes within its Global Delivery Centres would involve outsourcing of functions and services to industry partners in Asia.

"These are not decisions we take lightly and we will consult and work closely with our people on this proposal," said the spokesperson. "If a decision is made to proceed we will aim to redeploy as many affected employees as possible. We also expect to generate a significant number ofnew roles in Global Services over the next 12 months."

Telstra’s Global Services business announced last year it would establish Global Delivery Centres with industry partners located in India.

In February, Australia's largest telco confirmed that its directories and advertising company, Sensis, would shed around 800 jobs, while in Saptember last year, the company said it would cut around 1,100 jobs from its operations division.

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  • outsourcing

    I think I'll outsource my phone needs to India (via voip) and cut out the middleman. Lets see how you like them apples Telstra!
  • Interesting

    Wonder how/if this will effect the negotiations with NBN Co? If those go Telstras way, I'd have expected them to actually be putting on more people, not letting them go...
  • What jobs left for our kids

    It's fantastic to see so many Australian companies propping up the Indian economy. Wonder what jobs will be left for our kids ? Perhaps we can outsource CEO's to India ?