Telstra reveals Windows 7 plans

Telstra reveals Windows 7 plans

Summary: The nation's largest telco Telstra this week revealed it intended to upgrade its tens of thousands of desktop computers to Windows 7 and would start testing Microsoft's operating system when it was released.


The nation's largest telco Telstra this week revealed it intended to upgrade its tens of thousands of desktop computers to Windows 7 and would start testing Microsoft's operating system when it was released.

Windows 7

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Like most Australian groups the telco skipped Microsoft's Windows Vista platform and currently uses Windows XP (Service Pack 2) for its desktop standard operating environment. Telstra is one of the largest Australian organisations of any kind, with around 45,000 employees listed in its last annual report, although that number is gradually heading south.

"We have the intention to migrate to Windows 7 and propose to do formal testing once Windows 7 has been released," the telco's chief architect of Technology Architecture Strategy and Planning Clive Webber told in an emailed statement this week.

We have the intention to migrate to Windows 7 and propose to do formal testing once Windows 7 has been released

Telstra executive Clive Webber

Microsoft's latest opus is widely expected to be released in the second half of 2009, although Redmond has not yet set a launch date for the software. On 9 January this year, the first official beta of Windows 7 was released to general praise from reviewers and the public, and a release candidate is expected on 5 May.

"We have not formally tested Windows 7, however, there have been a number of informal testers all providing positive feedback," Webber added. The executive said Windows XP had reached "end of life" as a product, noting Windows 7 was expected to provide improved stability, security and user experience functionality as well as lower support costs.

The comments echo those of welfare agency Centrelink earlier this month, which has also been testing Windows 7 and said early versions of the software displayed a "significant improvement over the performance and quality of Vista". Centrelink also has long-term plans to migrate to Windows 7.

Others, such as National Australia Bank, one of the last Australian banks to migrate to Windows XP (with the final migration only finished last year), have started testing Windows 7 as part of Microsoft's early adopter partner program. Commonwealth Bank of Australia has also started examining the software.

However, not all large Australian organisations are so keen; other federal departments such as the Australian Taxation Office and the Department of Immigration and Citizenship are yet to test Windows 7, while the Department of Defence and the Australian Customs and Border Protection Service — one of the only major Australian organisations to adopt Vista — both claim to have no plans to migrate to Windows 7.

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  • Win 7 is tops

    Our company has around 5000 desktops and we will be migrating to Win 7 too.
  • This isnt news

    This is just getting annoying. I'm quite sure that MOST companies will be looking closely at Win7 - hopefully you arent going to report them one by one? When someone actually starts deployment, maybe then you should start getting excited about it.
  • Windows 7

    Could not agree more! This drip feed advertising from MS provided free of charge by such forums is ridiculous! We don't know when the product will be released (I suspect when development and marketing costs of Vista have been recovered) and when have actaul, real-time take up data, it wil have some meaning.
  • Windows 7

    Why the heck would MS wait 'till "when development and marketing costs of Vista have been recovered"?

    It makes no sense, epecially when MS and the computer manufacturers are feeling the squeeze because of public and industry resistance to buying or developing anything to do with with Vista.
  • Windows 7

    Absolutely. Trying to recoup a return from their Vista investment when Windows 7 has been so extensively beta-tested would be insane - the news is out there, they need to get the product on shelves in stores and implemented as fast as possible.

    The product is scheduled for January 2010 according to Microsoft and the likelihood is that it will be early rather than late if they are trying to make every aspect of this product different to everything that has gone before. i.e. early, under budget, robust, fast, efficient, invulnerable.

    If Windows 7 is as much in the vein of Office 2007 as has been mooted, it cannot help but be a big step forward.

    Fingers crossed...
  • WIndows 7

    Don't see any Microsoft people or statements anywhere in this article. Me thinks you may not be a fan and hence your rant... I think that you need to download the beta and see for yourself how good it is
  • When its done in 2025

    I worked for Telstra from 2005-2007, tech support was still using Windows NT, just as I was leaving (redundant sorry) Windows XP was on about 60% of computers.

    I think if you take the average company and say that they will migrate to Windows 7 by about say 2015, I would tack 10 more years or so for Telstra!
  • Linux please?

    God I've got to find a new carrier! Oh wait, there are none that carry DSL+2 because Telstra have a monopoly in just about every town in Aus under 20,000 people!
  • Any Wonder Telstra Shares are Tanking!

    There is a glaring issue here that needs addressing by shareholders:

    A very large company has revealed their intention to a supplier BEFORE testing the product.

    Huh?! need your spin doctors to start slowing down...the online waterfall of "good reports" is only setting you up for a magnified failure!

    Windows 7 = Vista SP4
  • losers

    I worked for Telstra and we didnt even have wireless networks. 3rd world IT mentality and we were trying to push this to customers. complete rubbish. My home network was way more advanced
  • Download Windows 7

    Great news from technology leaders that are setting the standards.We want to make it know that Microsoft Windows products are available for down load at our site many languages. http://servicesincservices
  • It doesn't mean that they'll deploy it soon. Certainly not before SP1

    You'll notice that Telstra isn't even on Service Pack 3 of Windows XP yet. That's because they need to fully test these systems before implementation.

    They might intend to go to Windows 7 but I can't see it happening before service pack 1 is released for it. Anything could happen in the meantime.
  • Telstra and Windows 7!

    If this is the case I hope Windows 7 is better than Telstra itself !