Telstra silent after 'losing iPhone deal'

Telstra silent after 'losing iPhone deal'

Summary: As Telstra's rivals prepare for their 11 July 3G iPhone launches, the national carrier has maintained silence over speculation that it derailed its own deal with Apple to resell the device.


As Telstra's rivals prepare for their 11 July 3G iPhone launches, the national carrier remains silent over speculation that it derailed a deal with Apple to resell the device.

Telstra had arranged a substantial 3G iPhone order with Apple before negotiations broke down between the two parties due to disagreements on whether a Telstra iPhone would come preloaded with Sensis content, an anonymous source told The Australian Financial Review.

A spokesperson for the telco today refused to comment on the report, saying that Telstra had "nothing more to add" on the iPhone at this stage.

Guy Cranswick, media platform and channels analyst for research group IBRS, believes that any possible dispute between Apple and Telstra could be classed as a "classic cyber-territory issue".

"The negotiation over the content issue would come down to whether or not Apple thought it possible to achieve all of its marketing and sales objectives without Telstra," he said.

"Given its position in the market, Telstra would be an important partner for Apple to have on-board, but Apple has always been very intent on keeping total brand integrity as well," added Cranswick.

Apple did not respond to requests for comment.

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  • AAARGH!!

    Come on Telstra swallow your pride and offer the 3G iPhone!
  • Telstra misses the Cluetrain

    Steve Jobs doesn't want iPhones preloaded with second-rate services? Who would have thunk it!

    Telstra really are shooting themselves in the foot with this one. They need to catch up to the Cluetrain.

  • greedy B%&*%@#*s

    Telstra doesn't deserve the iPhone. I want to cancel my contract anyway because their data plan sucks.
  • Shooting itself in the foot

    When the first iPhone came out, a very high up Telstra exec said that Apple should have stuck to making computers and leave the phone business to the experts! These execs don't ever learn that it is impossible to predict the way technology turns. Years ago an IBM exec thought that there would place for may be a dozen PCs in the world!
  • Telstra iPhone dataplans too expensive

    Perhaps Telstra realise that their overpriced data plans would be too obvious if users have iPhones.
    They will just stick with Blackberries where it is harder to consume data.
  • Stop making up stories

    Please stop making up stories. Sensis don't have a product capable to run on the iPhone at the moment... other than their very basic mobile web apps. This sound to me like a fabricated story...
  • Not the way telstra works

    Telstra will probably just sue Apple, the ACCC, the Commonwealth, et al :-)
  • Sensis crap

    I have had a number of phones from Telstra with no significant problems.

    The one thing that has annoyed me, however, is all the pre-programmed Sensis and BigPond 'bloatware'. Thankfully, I was able to reconfigure my new N95 to get rid of it. If it wasn't there on the iPhone in the first place, I would have considered this as a selling point.
  • "crybaby"

    having a tantie are we?? Going to take your bat & ball and go to "whingepool" with all the other whingers heh??
  • Rick

    Telstra - clueless on customer needs/wants.
  • Telstra being greedy?

    Too bad, I'm with Vodafone and they kick arse!

    Telstra lost our services ages ago cause they could never do anything right. And once again they prove themselves incapable of supplying Australia its most long awaited high demand phone. Way to go Telstra.

    Maybe next time just nod and smile and take the deal and then compromise for the next iphone.... or maybe MAKE A APPLICATION specially for the sensis content. Gee is very possible.
  • Sounds likely

    This sounds just like Telstra - they would not undermine their Sensis brand with Google Maps etc - despite the fact that after nearly 10 years you still can't find a local plumber with Yellow Pages online - even if you know the name of the street they are located on.

    The only think I'll miss is the possibility of using their 850Mhz 3G Network - its' still the biggest game in town.
  • It's not made up!

    months ago (maybe 6-8) Telstra were advertising for people to develop Sensis apps specifically for the iPhone.

    it was widely reported at the time.

    there might just be some truth in this story!
  • Sucked in Trujillo!

    He's proven himself again. He's a dweeb in the Telecommunications world. Nobody likes him, nobody wants him, he should go home. So, go away creep & let Telstra stuff-up their own mess with Australian hands. Better them than you!

    I'm truly glad that Apple have shutdown talks with Telstra. It shows what a bunch of capitalist A-holes the Telstra board truly are. Greedy monopolisers no different to Microsoft.

    Just remember guys, the wires that you call yours are not & never were. They're ours & just because the ignoramus, Li'l honest Johnnie K-K-K-Howard sold all of it back to the public, the public who already owned them, doesn't mean we forget.

    Telstra used to be a company I was proud of. I worked for them once. What happened & don't blame business or Optus? It's the scum clinging to the ring at the bottom.
  • Sensis - capable? 2 words in a sentence that don't mix

    Sensis couldn't find it's own way out of an elevator with neon signs and a map!
    Apple's iPhone developer program probably knocked back their application because it sucks!

    Goodness gracious me Rex Alfie Lee for heavens sake take a cold shower and have a good lie down.

    Your ravings verge on lunacy and are certainly not the feelings of most Australians. O.K. you had a bum deal years ago when you worked for Telstra or the PMG but get over it.

    If you persist with your present thoughts you will end up a bitter and twisted person and spend the rest of your life in a wasted pathetic dream. Most people I know love and adore Telstra, that is why they are Number ONE with Australians.
  • Happiness for all.

    My apologies Marcus for straying from topic in the above Post but we really must assist fellow human beings when in need.

    Marcus, we are certainly at an interesting point in the iPhone story but I am sure, and certain, that Telstra will deliver to the multitudes in the near future. Every best wish.
  • Losers

    This makes me laugh so much. What a bunch of total idiots. When is Telstra going to realise that it can throw its weight around in the Australian market but on the global stage it means nothing. Good on Apple for sticking to its guns and not be pushed around by the classroom bully that is Telstra. I hope the iPhone is never offered by Telstra.
  • Who cars about Telstra

    I don't care if Telstra have the iPhone or not, i am currently with Telstra on a corporate plane (a few of us in a business) and we pay them over $1000 per month, on July 11th i am out. Not quite sure who will be the best provider but thinking Vodafone at the moment.

    It would have been far easier for me to stay with Telstra but they have taken that option away