Telstra, Unwired revamp wireless plans

Telstra, Unwired revamp wireless plans

Summary: Unwired and Telstra today both revamped their wireless broadband plans: in the same week thatOptus and Virgin unleashed new wireless offerings.


Unwired and Telstra today both revamped their wireless broadband plans: in the same week that Optus and Virgin unleashed new wireless offerings.

Telstra has introduced a new wireless plan with 10GB per month of downloads, and has reduced the overall number of plans, such as those with differentiated pricing according to speed, which the company said were confusing customers.

New customers with Telstra services can also receive 12 months' half-price wireless broadband access, BigPond group managing director Justin Milne said.

The new plans become available from 24 August. Existing companies can change to the new pricing by visiting the My BigPond section on

Telstra's new prices:

Monthly Plan Monthly usage allowance Price per month
BigPond Wireless Broadband 400MB 400MB $39.95
BigPond Wireless Broadband 1GB 1GB $59.95
BigPond Wireless Broadband 3GB 3GB $89.95
BigPond Wireless Broadband 10GB 10GB $129.95

Any additional usage is charged at $0.25 per MB. The typical speeds of the connection run from 550 kbps to 3Mbps, or up to 6Mbps in metro and CBD areas, Telstra said.

In comparison, 3 Mobile offers 1 GB for $15 per month, 2GB for $29 month, 3GB for $29 paying an additional $5 a month for the key modem, 6GB for $39 and 7GB for $49, with excess use charged at 10 cents per MB. Roaming usage outside the 3 broadband zone is charged at $1.65 per MB.

"Prices have changed quite a lot recently," a spokesperson for 3 said, adding that customers could expect speeds to be around 600 kbps to 1.5 Mbps.

Unwired also announced new wireless pricing, but only for prepaid plans. The company has increased the amount of data customers can download, with the new plans set to go live Monday.

Unwired's new pre-paid plans

Voucher Price Voucher Duration Usage Allowance
$9.95 7 days 400MB
$19.95 15 days 1GB
$34.95 25 days 3GB
$59.95 45 days 6GB
$99.95 75 days 10GB

As it took the lid off its new pricing, Unwired gunned down claims from Optus earlier this week that it was the first to wade into the pre-paid wireless broadband market, saying Unwired had been in the market for over a year.

"We realised there was a market for pre-paid wireless a long time ago and launched a range of plans aimed at users who have internet usage patterns that are not consistent with regular monthly plans," Unwired's CEO, David Spence said in a statement.

The company also decided to increase the speed for its customers to 512Kbps, a speed Spence said the company could deliver in real life, because it had enough backhaul connections.

Optus' pre-paid wireless broadband offering:

Voucher Price Voucher Duration Usage Allowance Free SMS
$30 30 days 2GB 15
$40 30 days 3GB 20
$50 30 days 5GB 25
$70 60 days 6GB 35
$100 60 days 9GB 50

The typical speeds for the Optus service sit between 512kbps and 1.5 Mbps, according to the company.

Vodafone launched its new USB stick "plug and play" broadband offering on the same day. The company offered 5GB for $49.95 a month unbundled on a 24 month contract with the modem for free. 1GB was $29.95 a month, with $5 per month extra for the modem. Excess usage was charged at $0.10 a MB.

Typical speeds for the service were 500kbps to 1.5Mbps according to a spokesperson.

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  • Wow

    And somebody at Telstra thinks these are good deals? Seriously do they look at the deals other companies have?

    Telstra/Bigpond NEVER!
  • Where did those numbers come from?

    I saw the pricing today... $89 for 5GB, $119 for 9GB and $169 for 15GB. It may be about 20% more then craptus and vodaphoney but at least they have about 2,000,000 sqKM of coverage with at least double the speed compared to about 10,000 sqKM with those other two.
  • Another Telstra Lacky

    Telstra must pay people to watch blogs and put a positive spin on all bad press. Seriously I have a 5gb wireless plan for $39 a month it works where I want it to work. High speed? well I have a home connection for that. These Telstra wireless plans are to expensive to start with and with back breaking additional download cost that makes then only suitable to idiots who cant read the fine print.
  • For the many people who travel

    I have used a Telstra card throughout Australia, city and bush. It is a simple calculation for me, can I get coverage? is it fast enough? If these are both yes then I worry about price but right now there is only one company that offers it. I asked my friend about the plans she told me there were even more plans available which it appears this writer failed to mention. No other company even comes close, for the value I get I would pay $500 per month for $5GB. Then again if someone just wants to sit at home or in a trendy CBD cafe using their computer for the show value more then the productivity then go for the cheap companies.
  • Truth not rubbish.

    The people who constantly try to promote others over Telstra are so obvious and are becoming a joke. Travel outside the cities and you will see who the best provider is. Please if you are unhappy with Telstra find another service provider, SIMPLE. But this constant (and so obvious) rant against Telstra does your cause no good.
  • The Spin Doctors

    Based on the logic from the Telstra spin doctors here. We should all drive past the Petrol station @ $1.50 a L and buy from the Telstra Petrol station for $3.00 a L.
  • Buy rubbish=bad policy.

    If the Optus petrol station has 20% water content (IE poor network coverage, no system backup etc) then I think the Australian people would choose the Telstra petrol station. Don't you?

    Oh come on. If you are going to get faster internet, you are going to download more. This is rediculous.
  • But only if I promised not to drive far

    Yeah but Optus petrol only works in the major suburbs and I live in the bush, $3 petrol is worth it if it means my car will run when I need it and take me to where I want to go.

    You may not be a Telstra spin doctor but it looks like you are an Optus one.
  • hahaha

    Yes Telstra is so great. Thanks to NextG and their superior coverage and fast speeds I'm still getting to check my e-mail once a week with my overly generous 5MB download allowance on my iPhone plan. Telstra knows best, and they know we don't need any more than 5MB anyway.. unless we want to be like like those 'craptus' and 'vodaphoney' customers who only use their significantly larger download limits to download illegal movies, music and porn. Thanks Telstra. hahaha
  • I'd pay $25 a Litre for Petrol

    Yes.. I think if Telstra sold us petrol it'd be a bit like their iPhone plans where they'd charge us $85 for 5 Litres of Petrol and then $25 for every excess Litre. But who cares what the price is because of their superior coverage and speed. Everyone seems to keep forgetting that it's a premium service we're paying for. hahaha
  • They're PREMIUM plans

    It's a premium service alright? Someone told me when you download images and music through NextG you see and hear things that you can't when you download through other service providers. That's why Telstra charges 50% more. hahaha
  • Error

    Sorry I made a mistake.. they're not charging 50% more.. they're charging 100% more! haha
  • How Many

    How many staff do Telstra have trolling blogs to put a postive spin on any thing negative? When I talk to Telstra customers (my self inculded) none are happy with the service they recieve. It would be interesting to see the IP addresses of some of the bloggers here.
  • Facts are facts.

    Ian I do not know what you try prove. Telstra is Australia's favourite service provider. No doubt, for sure and without argument. End of story. Please don't insult your fellow Australian with your self promoting rubbish.
  • How Many

    I wonder how many of the posts are done by people who are paid by a Telstra competitor. Just remember that there are now three times as many people out there that earn an income via competing with Telstra then with them ... Phone companies, resellers, consultants etc.

    There is the simple fact that there has been a reduction of 75,000 staff since the days of Telecom the fat union run government department so there are many of these who would be pissed off they lost their cushy jobs and would be bound to be working for a competing company.

    And of course the media who have nothing to gain by having the truth come out or by seeing the end of the tit for tat battles.

    It is funny how the Coles and Woolworths have a greater stranglehold on groceries then Telstra has on communications but when Woolworths releases a profit increase of 25% no one bats an eyelid, Telstra releases a very minor profit increase (or even a drop) the media yell and scream they are making way too much money.

    Let's see what your sarcastic comeback will be now Ian - the anti Telstra spin doctor.
  • re $25

    Once again a bunch of losers that can only put Telstra down by attacking their price.

    If they slashed their prices the competitors would simply lower theirs as they know that is all they can compete on, it will reach a point where then ACCC would step in and attack Telstra for "predatory" behavior.

    Even if Telstra sold their premium fuel for 50c a liter there would be someone out there selling their premium fuel for 48c, someone selling regular for 30c and someone selling waterlogged fuel for 15c and they would be claiming they were the same. Most people know that is not the truth and are willing to sacrifice quality for price, some are willing to pay a premium and some (some have commented on this story) are dumb enough to believe they are all exactly the same.
  • Optus Outage

    Even if Telstra does offer a better service than SINGTEL/OPTUS the big difference between the two is reliability!! This is crucial for business people like myself.....

    The SINGTEL/OPTUS outage saga on the Gold Coast demonstrated what a bunch of incompetent fools that SINGTEL/OPTUS are
  • Not a Telecom worker

    Telstra got its backbone from the Tax payers of this country. Now that it is a private company it wants to limit access to that backbone. It charges stupid prices for services because it has been allowed to become a monoply that does everything in its power to kill competion.

    Again all I see is hype from spin doctors. I dont work for any telco but it is more than clear that a number of bloggers do and they should declare that so at least we know who is trying to spin rubbish.

    My cheap $39 5gb wireless plan works for me where I want it to. If it doesnt work someplace then I will wait until I find a place it will. My 40gb ADSL home plan is reliable and fast without additional download bills. I have been with that ISP since 2003. Telstra/Bigpond dont deliver value for money they blackmail users who have no choice and over charge the poor buggers.
  • Once again

    Some loser who talks about the government infrastructure, simple fact is that shareholders have bought that infrastructure and now own it.