Telstra's Basslink response: It's all lies

Telstra's Basslink response: It's all lies

Summary: Telstra has used YouTube to post a vehement video denial that its backhaul prices have caused problems for internet service providers wanting to operate in Tasmania

TOPICS: Telcos, Telstra

Telstra has used YouTube to post a vehement video denial that its backbone prices have caused problems for internet service providers wanting to operate in Tasmania.

Major ISPs such as Internode and Netspace yesterday re-committed to providing high-speed broadband services in the state after a long-awaited agreement was signed yesterday to light up the Basslink fibre-optic cable and provide competition to Telstra's transmission between Tasmania and the mainland.

But in this video, senior Telstra executives say there was never a problem in the first place.

Do you live in Tasmania? Let us know your thoughts on the state of broadband by posting your comments below this article.

Topics: Telcos, Telstra

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  • New Cable - No Difference

    I live in Hobart and have a Telstra Bigpond ADSL connection, $99.95/month for a 25GB cap.
    I'm no fan of Telstra's and don't pay them anymore than I have to.

    When David Bartlett announced the new cable deal he stated that there would be immediate reductions from Telstra in response, there haven't been. The thing I find illogical about that claim is that Telstra's broadband prices are the same Australia wide so if there is no Telstra price difference for Tasmanians at the moment why would that change?

  • "True Competition"

    I am with Telstra on this one (& no I am not a shareholder). It is well known that the operators were "milking" big dollars of the "Tassie" government while the cable layed dormant & unused & at the same time running of to the ACCC complaing about bid bad Telstra & the so called "monopoly" they had.

    If Tasslink or whatever thay call themselves truly wanted to compete & in the interest of Tasmanians thay should have activated this cable years ago instead of playing their little games. In the interest of "True Competition" all of us now in Tassie could enjoy lower prices with costs coming down!!
  • Re: New Cable - No Difference

    What he would've been referring to is Telstra Wholesale reducing the cost to competitive telecommunications providers of transmission between Tasmania and Victoria because there is now solid competition on the way. Telstra retail customers will see no benefit, but they will have the choice to obtain better-value cost effective services from other telecommunications companies (eg. iiNet, Internode, Netspace) who have up to now been neglecting the Tasmanian market because of its widely-reported negative profitability.
  • Telstra in Tas

    Telstra not only charge like a wounded bull, they also cherry pick the easy customers to service. I'm 1km from fibre optics and Telstra refused to supply me with ADSL. I'm 15kms from the centre of the state capital and on 2 way Sat for want of a better option.
    Bring on Internode ASAP.
  • No difference for Telstra retail

    There will be no difference for Telstra retail customers. However the other ISPs will be able to offer better deals, and even offer larger data caps as these hopefully will now move into the realm of profitability at a reasonable price to consumers
    For example, Iinet could now make a profit off of Tassie customers using the same pricing as it offers all it's aussie customers. Unlike previopusly with the gouging Telstra backhaul prices.
  • ahhuh

    biggest load of BS ive heard all day....
  • Typical Telstra hypocricy

    Why didn't they interview people other than Telstra employees for a fair and balanced view? We saw Telstra renege on a chance to speak in an open public forum this week because they claim it was unbalanced, and biased, and then they produce rubbish like this to "prove" a point.
    Typical Telstra double standards!
  • Telstra

    Spin Spin and more spin. The arrogance is astounding. more like it.
  • I agree, more spin from telstra

    Telstra like compition?? yer bloody right, they are fighing it constantly.

    Telstra constantly refuses other ISP access to install equiptment into excahnges by claiming they are full!.

    Telstra needs to be split WHOLESALE and RETAIL. then lets see how much compitions there is in the market!
  • I take it

    that telstra now wont , under any circumstances, revise their bacK haul pricing downwards?
  • Telstra don't get it...

    No-one has ever mentioned Bigpond retail prices in relation to the Basslink cable. The changes will come in WHOLESALE costs to other ISPs, not retail costs.
    For some reason, Noel Hunt and Grant Wiltshire get a bit confused, and don't really understand what is happening.. either that or they intentionally attempt to deceive Tasmanians by changing the topic.
    I don't think that you are going to see any change in the wholesale backhaul rates from Telstra until the Basslink cable is up and going, at which point they will drop their prices by 60, 70, 80%... which, for some reason they couldn't do this BEFORE there was competition?
    Of course Telstra are allowed to charge what they like to use their fibre optic cables, but for Hunt and Wiltshire to lie through their teeth by saying that Telstra does good things for Tasmania? What a joke.
  • Pathetic...

    This is honestly the biggest piece of bs I've heard this week.

    Myth #1 - Then how come your links are congested and you're refusing to lay more fibre optic cables?
    Myth #2 - Then how come it costs 3x more to send a packet from Tasmania to Victoria than it does to send a packet from New South Wales to USA. By the way I'm quoting YOUR PRICES.
    Myth #3 - A small ISP doesn't have billions to build their own infrastructure
    Myth #4 - Then how come Tasmanian Residents have been complaining for years about packet loss?
    Myth #5 - They meant from an ISP which doesn't try to scam its customers
    Myth #6 - MYTH BUSTED! And I agree. :) Telstra is a rip off no matter where you live in Australia.
  • @no difference

    thanks sean, im sure theres a nice tttt bonus awaiting you.

    u guys should know by now i don't take sides. whilst i'm here having a go at those who ridicule telstra today, i was having an argument with sols brother sydney yesterday, lmao.

    so if youre a telstra ***khead or a terria ***khead, i will make fun of you accordingly, if you deserve it, that's why i'm ned kelly.

    sorry sean i don't mean to pick on you singularly, but really, r u guys serious? r u so anti telstra that you refuse to use any commonsense at all?

    basslink/temasek/ OPTUS have had a cable lying unused, getting $2m per year and you guys still blame telstra?

    time to stop the bias and start weighing up the situation on it's merits, without all the obvious anti/pro telstra ***kheadedness, ***king up your logic. ROFL
  • Re: "True Competition"

    It is true that the Government was paying $2m a year to CitySpring for the cable. But at full capacity, at the rates Telstra were charging, they had the potential to make $150M a year from their cable system. No doubt the cables aren't anywhere near maximum capacity, but at those prices who is surprised!

    The Tas Government's incompetence is not cancelled out by Telstra's greed. Both have caused pain to Tasmanian consumers over the years - but at least now the Tas Govt is doing something about it.
  • Telstra's debunking debunked

    Myth 1- Telstra doesn't care about Tasmania.
    They do care about Tasmanian's money. Agreed.

    Myth 2: It costs too much for ISP's to use Telstra's fibre optic cables.
    I assume that all ISP's are staying with Telstra once Basslink is operationalised because Telstra charges fairly and competitively for their services. NOT AT ALL- most signing up for Basslink because Telstra IS charging exorbitant prices.

    Myth 3: Competitors are forced to accept Telstra's prices.
    No other competitor can afford to build its own link as none have the resources Telstra does... so it goes without saying they are forced to use Telstra's link at Telstra's pricing. Alternatively they can choose to not compete in Tasmania which some companies have chosen to do.

    Myth 4: There is a lack of capacity across Bass straight.
    There is not a lack of capacity across Bass Straight as the video points out. However, competitors of Telstra, in order to reduce exorbitant costs, are forced to buy smaller bandwidth pipes than they need in order to not run their business at a loss. It makes commercial sense to get customers even at zero profit, so that once Basslink is operationalised and an affordable alternative to Telstra comes, these businesses can begin to make a profit with an existing customer base.

    Myth 5: Tasmanians can't access high speed broadband services.
    Sure they can with wireless 3G. Most of Australia can. That is NOT a myth. The FACT is that Tasmanians cannot access AFFORDABLE high speed broadband services.

    Essentially Telstra is saying:
    “Stop complaining Tasmanians that you can't connect to Internode's Extreme ADSL2 $59.95 plan with 25Gbytes download and up to 24Mbs connection speed. Your friendly Telstra have provided you with a plan at the exact same price; a "Super G Fast" plan with 1Gbytes download and typical speeds of 550kbs-3.0Mbs. Even though you get far slower speeds, and downloads, you have the benefit of portability which is something all you families want.” Nooooooooot.

    Myth 6: Telstra charges more for Bigpond services in Tasmania
    No one says that. That is a myth Telstra created. People do, however, say that Telstra charges COMPETITORS more for services in Tasmania to the point where some cannot find it viable to offer the plans and services in Tasmania which they offer to the rest of the country. Why? Exorbitant pricing and lack of competition across Bass Straight.
  • Telstra are too expensive!

    I can't speak for or against most of the accusations in this thread. But I can say this. for someone like myself looking for good bandwidth (ADSL 2+) with decent download (30 - 40 Gig) and possibly naked DSL then I just can't afford Telstra Bigpond. their prices are so far away from the competition that I'm amazed they are still in the business of selling retail.

    Companies like IINet and Internode etc are much more competitive than Telstra and yet Telstra are still around. This surely indicates that Telstra have a sound marketing plan, but I honestly don't know how they do it, except to openly rip off mums and dads out there who don't know better.

    I look forward to Internode, IINet, Netspace etc really investing in Tassie infastructure. This means lots and lots of those ADSL 2+ DSLAMs everywhere.

    Leave Telstra alone for the mums and dads. Let the serious competition in for those of us who are serious about our internet.



    You will not find much investing by the leech ISP's in Tasmania, they are worried about what happens when Telstra get the NBN
  • you are all myth

    is that you simon (hackett) or is that michael (egan, simmons, malone) take your pick.

    again i don't take sides, but your onesided absolute drivelling ***t is disgraceful.

    you obviously are one of the above gents or work for them, lmao.
  • @re

    potential to make $150M a year by *gouging ****head tasmanians* like you, do you mean charles
  • @re new cable

    so why didn't ii, internode and netspace unite to make the g3 and build their own. after all charles tells us they would make $150M per year.

    because it would have meant investing money and we wouldn't want them to do that now, would we, rofl.