Telstra's racecourse small-cell rollout: photos

Telstra's racecourse small-cell rollout: photos

Summary: Telstra has rolled out Alcatel-Lucent small-cell technology at Flemington Racecourse to provide up to 80 percent extra capacity for VIP punters attending Derby Day, Oaks Day, and the Melbourne Cup.

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  • ​(Credit: Alcatel-Lucent)

    Wright said that Telstra has limited the trial to the Birdcage while it is testing the technology.

    "As with any new technology, we want to assess how this new technology integrates into our network, and see what difference it makes to keep our customers connected."

  • ​(Credit: Alcatel-Lucent)

    ​The seven poles are powered by a single power and aggregation unit.​

  • ​(Credit: Alcatel-Lucent)

    Wright said that after the trial has been completed, Telstra will assess whether it will use Metro Cell deployments for other big sporting or public events to improve capacity issues.

    Alcatel-Lucent's Australian president Sean O'Halloran said that the technology is something that many operators across the globe are looking at using to deal with capacity issues in mobile networks.

    "This deployment and live trial with Telstra demonstrates a smart network approach, integrating small cells into the macro network to increase capacity and customer experience in high-traffic areas. It's an approach we're going to see a lot more of as operators invest to meet demand."

Topics: Telcos, Telstra


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