Ten Brazilian female tech innovators you should know

Ten Brazilian female tech innovators you should know

Summary: As the government and private sector focus on improving Brazil's innovation ecosystem, many local women are working to foster this environment by connecting people, ideas and turning ideas into reality. We list some of the females making a difference in the Brazilian technology innovation scene.


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  • Candice Pascoal, founder, Kickante

    Brazilian-American, Netherlands-based Candice Pascoal used a wealth of experience gained in foreign trade, arts and consulting to start crowdfunding platform Kickante in 2013. The website focuses on entrepreneurship and cultural projects, which allows project supporters to provide financing in installments, as well as partial support if the project is not entirely funded. Kickante has recently hit the headlines as Brazilian athlete and gold medallist Maurren Maggi has chosen to use the platform to crowd fund her Rio Olympics training efforts. 

  • Bruna Bittencourt, founder, Emotion.me

    Marketing whizz Bruna Bittencourt built on the enjoyment of her own wedding preparations - which started out by being proposed on Twitter with a hashtag that ended up on Brazil's trending topics - to focus on projects that support other people planning their own big day. Her Rio de Janeiro-based company Emotion.me is a "one stop shop for weddings" that literally marries up a user base of over 50,000 couples who can use the platform to support the entire wedding planning process with some 3,000 wedding vendors.

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Topics: Mobility, CXO, Government, IT Innovation for Small Businesses

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