Ten cool tablet accessories, most under $10

Ten cool tablet accessories, most under $10

Summary: So you’ve got a shiny new tablet for work and play. These ten accessories are cheap and will complement the new gadget no matter which brand.

TOPICS: Mobility, Amazon, Tablets

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  • Executive Stylus

    Some tablet owners like to take handwritten notes in meetings, and that requires a stylus. Some of those look big and clunky, but not this "executive" stylus. It has the sleek metal look of a traditional pen, with the capacitive tip on the bottom end.

    You can carry it in your pocket like any pen, with no one the wiser until you pull it out and start jotting notes on your tablet.

    It will work with virtually any touch tablet and is $6.99 from Amazon.

  • Pleated Sleeve

    Those wanting a thin sleeve for the tablet instead of a bag need look no further than this model. It is built for any iPad so should work for any tablet of that size or smaller.

    Its design will protect your tablet when you're carrying it around the office or on the street. There is a thin pocket on the outside for small items, such as cables.

    The sleeve is available from Amazon for $26.76.

  • TaoTronics Mini Wireless keyboard

    The debate about tablets and keyboards for work will never be resolved as everyone's needs are different. Those wanting a portable keyboard for occasional use should check out this one.

    It has styling similar to the wireless keyboard from Apple but is only $13.99 from Amazon.

Topics: Mobility, Amazon, Tablets

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  • Ummmm.

    Some of those items are over $10. perhaps small amounts, but the heading is wrong! And the last item... those headphones are $199. FAR from being a $10 gadget... But I do like that ipad/tablet carrying case.. Might make a great gift!
  • Keyboard

    The TaoTronics Mini Wireless keyboard was a good find. Might have to try that one out.
    Rann Xeroxx
  • Kindle app

    Thank you very informative. Can't believe I'm saying this but I would rather give up my TV than my Kindle. I also just discovered clippings.io for my Kindle notes and Kindle4rss.com for sending blogs to my Kindle which makes it even better.