Ten IT jobs to save up for those rare lulls

Ten IT jobs to save up for those rare lulls

Summary: It's not a bad idea to have a few IT tasks in reserve in the unlikely event that the daily grind eventually lets up, says Jack Wallen

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  • Patch cables

    2. Create patch cables
    You can never have enough patch cables. Although it's simple to order cables in various lengths, ranging from three to 15 feet, you don't always have the perfect length to hand. Buying spooled cable in bulk and RJ45 connectors is far cheaper than buying bags of pre-cut and pre-terminated Ethernet cables.

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  • Messy server room cabling

    3. Put cables in order
    If you 're used to seeing a tangle of cables whenever you open that server cabinet, you could capitalise on downtime to impose order on the chaos. Of course, you'd have to tackle this job without disrupting anyone's work, so perhaps it's a task for the early morning or after hours.

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  • Study at books

    4. Learn something new
    IT is a field that's constantly evolving, so slow times present an excellent opportunity for engineers to acquire knowledge. They don't necessarily have to attend classes. They could just work with a new coding language. Alternatively, high-level admins can show lower-level staff the way round more complex systems. Any knowledge employees can share is a good investment in time.

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Topic: IT Employment

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  • From my mainframe operating days...

    1) Play hoopla with write permit rings & a can of screen cleaner.
    2) Make enormous paper chains (Christmas time only).
    3) Read the entire 'Lord of the Rings' in a single night shift.
    4) Underseal car (yes seriously).
    5) Think up ever more daring practical jokes to play on the installation manager.

    happy days ....
  • Skittles with tapes and coffee cups.

    Old tapes so we didn't have to rewind them afterwards.
  • 2. Bad idea. Making up patch cables loses you your commission from the cable supplier.
    3. If you tidy up, other people can understand where the cables connect and you'll be less in demand.
    4. Yes to study, No to showing juniors around. They'll respect your knowledge right up until they steal your job and salary.
    5. Don't even think of cleaning up your working code. 99 % of the time you'll break the program, besides if other people understand your code, you might be out of a job.
    7. I agree with this but there's a danger that if other people understand your code, you might be out of a job.
    8. Absolutely but store it at home out of other people's (your boss and people after your job) access.
    9. Yes - but wouldn't you rather go to the pub ?
    10. Yes, but announce it as a planned strategy so that when an attack occurs you can use it to justify a budget increase or a higher salary.