Ten signs you and IT just aren't hitting it off

Ten signs you and IT just aren't hitting it off

Summary: Most people grumble about their job at some point, but certain recurring issues might just be a sign that you and IT are not made for one another, says Jack Wallen

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  • Impatient IT man

    Those who work in IT know how hard it can be. And if you're not up to that challenge, there will always be someone who is. Before deciding whether to soldier on, it might be worth reading through my list of the tell-tale signs that could suggest a parting of the ways is the better course.

    1. Impatience
    Some IT problems require time to resolve. If you are impatient, you'll either give up or make a mistake. But the need for patience extends beyond dealing with problems. End users will often test your patience far more than the technology itself. If that's the case, either avoid having to deal with them directly or, if that's not possible, leave IT immediately.

  • Indifference to education

    2. Indifference to acquiring new skills
    IT changes all the time. Without the desire to continue learning, you're already at a major disadvantage. Tech is one of those fields where you must be always up for acquiring new knowledge. That might mean attending a class or workshop, or just hitting the books on your own. Regardless of the approach, in the end you must be willing to continue learning.

Topic: IT Employment

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