Ten signs you and IT just aren't hitting it off

Ten signs you and IT just aren't hitting it off

Summary: Most people grumble about their job at some point, but certain recurring issues might just be a sign that you and IT are not made for one another, says Jack Wallen

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  • IT equipment in the bin

    5. No staying power
    When you've had an issue that really tests your abilities, did you give up or did you push on until you had a solution? If you gave up, you did so knowing that you had left something broken. That is unacceptable in IT, and if it doesn't trouble you, it may be time consider your future. Of course, sometimes the problem will be beyond repair or beyond your skills. In those cases, it's still your responsibility to ensure the broken tech is fixed or someone is brought in to sort it out.

  • Frustrated man

    6. Prone to frustration
    IT can frustrate even the most unflappable. But if your frustration boils over too easily, you will spend much of the day with high blood pressure. Although IT is a rewarding field, it can also be a frustrating one. If frustration often gets the best of you, you might want to bring in a therapist. If that fails, consider a new career.

  • Man working on multiple screens

    7. Inability to multitask
    At any point in the day, I'll be doing three or four things at once. Sometimes this approach is the only way I can actually get everything done in time. If you insist on tackling one task at a time, IT is going to be a tough career for you. Certainly, non-multitaskers can succeed in IT but life will be more difficult for them.

Topic: IT Employment

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