Ten signs you and IT just aren't hitting it off

Ten signs you and IT just aren't hitting it off

Summary: Most people grumble about their job at some point, but certain recurring issues might just be a sign that you and IT are not made for one another, says Jack Wallen

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  • Corporate ladder

    8. Corporate ambitions
    There's little room on the ladder in the IT department. If you have dreams of climbing it and perching on top, you might want to prepare yourself for disappointment or consider a different field. Some IT departments do offer promotions, and you might even climb your way up to CIO. But if you really want to be a CEO, IT may not be the best place to start.

  • A man who hates technology

    9. Technophobia
    Strangely enough, I know people in IT who actually hate technology. If you consider yourself a technophobe, working with software, servers, desktops, switches and routers might be unwise. It's perfectly possible to work in a field you despise, but the resulting level of frustration might shorten your lifespan.

  • Mobile phone at night

    10. Turning off your phone at night
    This point is really about commitment and relates to work hours. The IT job doesn't go away — it remains in the background all the time, waiting to pull you from your sleep, family gatherings, or the birth of your first child. If you're one to turn your phone off when you leave work, or even ignore calls from the office, it might be a sign that IT should not be your chosen path.

    Tallying up
    Just because you suffer from one or two of these traits doesn't mean you should jump off the IT train. But if you recognise a few of these signs, you might want to have a career rethink. Have you witnessed other symptoms that you think point to the beginning of the end for an IT career?

    This story originally appeared as 10 signs that you aren't cut out for IT on TechRepublic.

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Topic: IT Employment

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