Ten ways to take the sting out of IT disasters

Ten ways to take the sting out of IT disasters

Summary: Organisations that are ready for a disaster reduce its impact and are up and running again more quickly — those that don't may never recover, says Jack Wallen

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  • Pedal power: battery backup

    Disasters are inevitable. Even though people know they have to plan for the worst, life gets in the way. Then when disaster strikes, it takes them down. Rather than just sitting and waiting for a crisis, it's wiser to prepare for it. Here are some things you should do to be ready.

    1. Get a good battery backup
    You may be dubious about the value of a good battery backup, but it could mean the difference between getting some data and none whatsoever. Let me give you a recent example. I recently had a client that lost power to its building. Problems started to escalate and it looked as if we were heading for a disaster. But thanks to a battery backup, I was able to remote quickly into the machine, get a backup running immediately and avert a total loss.

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  • House at night

    2. Start creating nightly data backups
    This measure goes with the first point. Without backups, you are completely lost. So making regular, reliable backups is the single most important thing you can do to prepare for a disaster. What's more, you need more than just a backup to an external drive. You must also have an offsite backup. As long as you have data, recovery is always a possibility. Make sure backups are nightly and successful. Backups are not a matter of set it and forget it.

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Topic: Security

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  • These are really very useful tips of backing up the system. Each tips are important and essential to prevent loosing all the data that we have. I've experienced our server crashed before and we can't do anything but to repeat every files that I created, because our backup system was only able to restore few selected files.
    IT Support23