Terria shops for NBN suppliers

Terria shops for NBN suppliers

Summary: The consortium of Telstra's rivals known as Terria has started looking for companies to supply the products and services required to help build the federal government's $4.7 billion national broadband network.


The consortium of Telstra's rivals known as Terria has started looking for companies to supply the products and services required to help build the federal government's $4.7 billion national broadband network.

A Terria billboard in Canberra
(Credit: Terria)

Terria and rival Telstra are seen as the two main competitors to build the network, but while Telstra has a long-standing relationship with network hardware supplier Alcatel-Lucent, Terria has not previously named suppliers that would assist it if it won the bid.

In advertisements published this morning, Terria said it wanted "construction and telecommunication vendors with experience in equipment supply, civil construction, project management, installation or maintenance" to send the company 600-word written capability statements.

Terria pointed out the NBN build would be one of the largest infrastructure projects Australia had undertaken, and would require close coordination with Australian construction and telecommunications vendors.

The telecommunications equipment market is dominated by giants such as Cisco, Alcatel-Lucent, Nortel Networks, Ericsson, Juniper Networks and Nokia-Siemens Networks, while large Australian firms such as Leighton Holdings are active in the local construction market.

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  • An Independent Broadband Network!

    Good luck, Terria. I hope you can find the vendors that can get the job done, and provide us Australians with the broadband network we deserve!

    Vote Terria, for an structurally separated monopoly with open access to all (including Telstra)
  • Terria Vendor Selction process - Qu.A/ Vendor finance available? Qu. B Vendor fi

    Good luck Vendors, I trust all goods and services are available on vendor finance!!

    Because the banks left with any money, and there is very very few of those, would'nt touch this 2 bob hollow bunch of mostly xxxx ants with a ten foot pole. Let alone the fact these morons are budgeting this little endeavour on basically the cost of money !!!!

    Ericsson Sales Dir. to CFO - Can we make a writedown before we sell the goods. Either way its definetely going to happen!!

    These guys crack me. But alas the farce is coming to end.
  • "True Competition"

    Atleast they can afford billboards!!

    What we need is "True Competition" not the regulated stuff OPTUS has sponged off under the Howard/Coonan years!!

    Only then will Australia get the NBN we all deserve!!

    True Competition is impossible in a country as large as Australia.

    Because of Australia's giant land mass and small population scattered all over the place, it would cost roughly $20 billion to build your own NBN. Therefore a monopoly is all Australia can afford right now. Anyone who thinks otherwise is insane!

    And Terria's monopoly will be structurally separated and will have genuine open access for all competitors at transparent prices, guaranteeing cheap broadband for us, the consumers!
  • Dream BIG.

    And I want to build some jumbo jets in my backyard. Must get a few calls out for someone to supply parts and finance.
  • @impossible

    i love the way you terria guys now say *terria's structurally separated monopoly*. not so long ago monopoly was a naughty word aimed at the big bad telstra. now it's cool. you guys crack me up. hypocritical losers.
  • @The intelligentsia

    If you genuinely can't comprehend the difference between what Telstra and Terria are proposing in terms of a monopoly then you really are a moron.
  • @idiot

    coming from you, that is a compliment -idiot!

    time to race for a spare terria chair, the music has stopped.
  • Learn a thing or two.

    Wow, you really are an ignorant one, arent you? You keep paying double, little sheep. baa baa.
  • @learn

    did you break a finger nail precious, oh!
  • I have experience

    When I was a kid I built paper planes so I should be able to build a Jumbo.

    I am sure "Tierra" will hire me as their chief engineer as well as I once ran a cable to my TV antenna. I also own a screwdriver so they could make me chief technician as well.

    If that doesn't work I have some experience with graffiti so I could at least put up their billboards.
  • I have experience too

    Too late.. Telstra have already employed you
  • Tell him Robbo - No money here !

    Without being rash, upon clear reflection and without any name calling. Scientic observation is absolutely certain, your thinking is well defined as MORONIC.

    Me Terria monopoly - good.
    Telstra no monopoly asked for and ACCC overseeing access - bad.

    Terria monopoly attempts to block Telstra from competing but also blocks Nextgen, Pipe Networks etc, etc, etc.

    Not Going To happen MORON.

    Anyway incase you hav'nt noticed no one, NO ONE will give Terria any money. Even if they had any, and most now dont. You ****wit.
  • Telstra or nothing.

    After the world financial meltdown I hear TERRiA is doing a few pub meat tray raffles to finance their fantasy dream.
  • Don't try too hard

    You'll hurt yourself.

    Terria are proposing an infrastructure monopoly which is structurally separated. The company running the network will be unable to offer anything BUT wholesale services, removing the conflicts of interest that exist today with Telstra. Wholesale services will be provided to all access seekers on an equal basis. The doors are also open to other equity partners and the government will be welcomed to have representation on the board.

    Telstra on the other hand essentially want the same conditions we have today, but with less powers for the ACCC, higher profit margins and of course an even greater monopoly than what they currently enjoy. Initially Telstra didn't even want open access to the network and requested for a regulatory holiday, so this new proposal is essentially a reluctant compromise on their part. Using the argument that Telstra aren't mandating overbuild protection as if it's some kind of positive aspect of their bid is comical. Either you already know this or in case you don't I'll enlighten you. No company on this planet that will EVER consider wasting capital to build a competing network which will never make a commercial return. Telstra know this which is why there's no need for them to mandate overbuild protection in their bid. The risk of Telstra on the other hand doing this if a competing company/consortium were to win the NBN tender is a very different story. Telstra have a monopoly market share to protect; hence if it means spending billions to damage its competitor then it's worth their while i.e. a repeat of the 90's where Telstra worked out by spending billions on a loss making venture to damage its competitor would save them in the long term. In a purely business sense this is all well and good; however from an ethical and legal perspective it's predatory.

    "Anyway incase you hav'nt noticed no one, NO ONE will give Terria any money. Even if they had any, and most now dont"

    And now the Telstra intelligentsia are also experts in corporate finance. Hang on.. why do you actually care where they get the funds from again?
  • @dont try

    thanks for that most interesting information james. once again you have shown yourself to be a true tttt soldier and fit for the many dollars you are paid by the tttt to make such ridiculous comments.
  • lol

    surely a spritely 30 yr old like urself syd, could be out there running around spreading the word for telstra? not that u have a vested interest in telstra... :P funky shirt by the way

  • Re: lol

    I tend not to comment on comms anymore, due to my support of Telstra being undermined by their ideological anti-union stance, as well as personal circumstances/tragedies.

    I do however still peruse Whirlpool & NWAT to keep up with the goss, as well as ZD, it Wire etc each weekend for the weeks comments. But guess what, nothing has changed. All the same old names still crop up and there's a few others too. But still that same old tired BS. Anyway...

    However, personal witch hunts by imbeciles really get up my nose. I note Sydney has said on many occasions he does not have Telstra shares. As such, in case you didn't notice Barry, this web page you linked to, is dated AUGUST 2006. You do have enough brain matter to understand that equities can be SOLD? Has nothing changed in your life since 2006.

    Barry you are picking on a now 68 (66 in August 2006, according to your lame link) year old retiree! What a guy you must be.

    Congratulations Barry, you are my hero.
  • thank you thank you

    look SJT, if you have a wreath of flowers and a medal for me I'd be happy to take delivery of them, and its not such much a personal witch hunt as pointing out that for a guy who denies ever having a connection with telstra i find it very strange that his photo, name and thoughts as a shareholder where to appear on telstra forums... im sorry if it destroys him emotionally, but if all he gets is a kind of icky feelying that someone called him on his stuff, then i am most pleased
  • Terria win the bid

    We Fibre Optic Networks Australia, we can help
    Terria, we have ready the total Project for NBN.