Tesco takes on Kindle and iPad with Jelly Bean Android tablet Hudl

Tesco takes on Kindle and iPad with Jelly Bean Android tablet Hudl

Summary: Hands-on with Tesco's seven-inch Android tablet for the masses: can it compete with Amazon and Apple when it comes to hardware?


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  • Retailing giant Tesco has unveiled its own cheap Android tablet, intended to showcase its own TV and online shopping services, a strategy reminiscent of Amazon's strategy with its Kindle Fire tablet range.

    Tesco's Hudl tablet (seen above) has a seven-inch 1440x900 HD screen, with 16GB of storage (expandable to 64GB) and runs Android Jellybean 4.2.2.

    It packs a quad-core 1.5GHZ processor, micro-HDMI port, Bluetooth 4.0, GPS and claims a nine-hour battery life when watching video. It goes on sale in around 1,000 Tesco stores and online from 30 September.

    One element that sets it apart from most low-end Android tablets is that is features a 'launcher' button (bottom left of the picture) which takes users directly to Tesco's digital services, including blinkbox movies and TV, music and Clubcard TV, banking and shopping for groceries.

    Image: Steve Ranger/ZDNet

  • Retail giant Tesco has 20 million customers in the UK, and has been building up an array of online services over the last few years. The tablet will function as a gateway to them in the same way that Amazon uses its Kindle hardware to encourage consumers to buy into its other online services and content.

    Amazon's strategy has been to sell its hardware for cost and make money on the services (streaming movies and tv via Lovefilm, music via Amazon MP3, audio books by Audible). Tesco's strategy seems similar although it insists it is making a profit on the hardware, too.

    While the device will sell at £119, if customers use their Tesco Clubcard vouchers to buy it, they can get it for £60-worth of vouchers: (In contrast a Kindle Fire currently costs £99, a Nexus 7 is £199 and the iPad mini comes in at £269.)

    The apps which come preinstalled on the Hudl are shown above.

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  • Tempting

    For £60 of Tesco vouchers, it's very tempting. The question is how intrusive is the Tesco stuff - I can ignore a button, but adverts along the lines of the Kindle Fire would drive me bonkers. As always, responsiveness is key.
    • Seems to me that...

      Tesco has just badged-up and branded a generic Chinese tablet. There are shed-loads of other cheap Chinese tablets about that don't have annoying branding. Means one doesn't have to waste time jail breaking them! lol. :-)

      Check out eBay, Aliexpress, DinoDirect, IBuyGou, etc, etc.

      As an aside, it seems that most of the unbranded generics that have SIM cards aren't SIM-locked either.

      Biggest turn-off for me about the HUDL however is the soft -touch "rubberised" coating. Everything I have ever bought with that sort of finish eventually becomes sticky and nasty. So then I have to make a choice of either a)living with it, b) binning it or c) spending hours carefully removing the muck from the damned thing with white spirit!

      Best wishes, G.
  • Two Things.....

    Here's to hoping they make a big splash with these....hope they're as good performance wise as they are to look at!
  • Horsepower

    Keeping up the Tesco tradition of giving good value for money, they have put quite a lot of horsepower inside.
    • re: Horsepower

      "Keeping up the Tesco tradition of giving good value for money, they have put quite a lot of horsepower inside."

      Horsepower? As used in their Everyday Value 'Beef' Lasagne?
  • A is for Axiom, your home sweet home

    B is for Buy N Large, your very best friend.

    I used to like Tesco before they wanted to run my world...
  • Maybe Microsoft Could Get Together With Waitrose...

    ...for their in-house tablet.

    And Apple? Harrods, of course.
    • Re: Apple and Harrods....

      Now that is an interesting concept....
  • Re: Tesco takes on Kindle and iPad with Jelly Bean Android tablet....

    This is a bold move. Tesco currently stock both the iPad and Kindle so that would only draw the assumption that both lines will be discontinued. Tesco are well known for selling to the customer what they want to sell and not what the customer wants so by discontinuing both lines would only go to bolster this.

    Additionally the market is quite literally flooded with Android Tablets. It would be interesting to know who manufacturers this tablet. I'm guessing it would be someone like Toshiba who are well known for producing below par tablets.

    Either way it is very difficult to see how this new line could possibly be a success.
  • If you buy anything electrical from Tesco,

    after reading this you deserve what you get.
    I've bough 2 TVs, 3 kettles and 1 mobile phone from them in the last 4/ years.
    Every one of them died before end of warranty, and Tesco don't like to give back money on electrical goods.
    The always try to pay back with in store vouchers.
    And their helpline ran at about 75p a minute when I last phoned them.
    I had a phone for 6/8 weeks before it stopped working.
    They had my broken phone for about 4 months before I got it back, in worse condition than when I returned it (it was working when I returned it, and completely dead when they returned it).
    Add to that about £20/£30 in phone bills contacting them in the 4 months they had the phone (to hear the latest line in crap about when they would phone you back, and how this wasn't their usual service) (Believe me, it is).
    Then the refund was paid out in in store credit, so I still had to go and buy another phone (elsewhere, that was the last electrical product I will ever buy from them).
    If you don't believe me, check out user complaints about Tesco online.
    Never mind the quality, feel the width...
    Roll up, roll up, roll up, have they got a bargain for you...
  • Might try it.

    I have not had a tablet before, but I think I will get a Hudl just as a starter kit to learn the ropes. There is one thing that I don't know, and that is: how does it connect to the internet? Do I need to buy a sim card or sign up to an internet provider?