The alternative world of yesterday's future

The alternative world of yesterday's future

Summary: Video phones, domed cities, insectoid robots — back in the past, the future looked pretty exciting. Here's a look at the world we could be living in, if the tech had only worked out

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  • Mechanical servants: Everyday Science and Mechanics

    Getting ready for work in the morning can at times be a dull chore. The solution is obvious: we need sinister insectoid mechanical servants to cosset us at all times, combing our hair, putting our clothes on for us, shining our shoes and feeding us protein drinks, while they prepare our jet-car for takeoff and plan our next holiday at the sea-floor resort. Thank you, sinister insectoid mechanical servants.

    This story from 1957 predicted that we would all own these robots by 1965.

    Photo credit: — Article from Everyday Science and Mechanics

  • Space colony: Everyday Science and Mechanics

    Once every inch of the Earth's available land surface is covered with domed cities, 16-lane motorways, robot-operated protein farms and nuclear power plants, we may feel a longing for open space, green fields, fresh air and a natural way of life. But where could we possibly find these wide open spaces, these unspoilt vistas? Simple: inside a giant rotating orbital space colony.

    Photo credit: Donald E Davis — Commissioned by Nasa

Topic: After Hours

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