The anti-gift gallery: what not to buy and why

The anti-gift gallery: what not to buy and why

Summary: While everyone's busy telling you what to buy this holiday season, here's a list of some of the hottest gifts this year -- and why you might want to consider NOT buying them!


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Topics: Tech Industry, Apple, Google, HTC, iPad, Microsoft, Windows 8

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  • Surface... and iPad

    Quote : "A Windows RT Surface is half the cost of a Windows 8 Pro Surface, but it's also at least half as functional"

    Thanks for reminding us that an iPad is also half as functional as an iMac... so we should not buy any iPads at all.

    For the vast majority of people, a computing device can be described has a way to access emails or Skype, a way to access the Internet with a browser, a way to be entertained with games and movies and a way to work using Office. In that sense, the 499$ Surface rt is a good tablet because it matches all the criteria.

    You obviously didn’t get windows 8 did you? Don’t try to convince yourself that you are right by post such a list. It’s on a portable device with a touch screen that Windows 8 makes all is sense.
  • I had to laugh

    "iPad mini as though it's a marvelous feat that we all must worship with our wallets. "

    Made me think of that Simpsons episod, when Steve Mobbs comes on screen ready to make an announcement.
    William Farrel
    • Though in all fairness I can't find anything wrong with the items mentioned

      short of the headphones, Camera, and wearable display.

      The rest would make fine gifts.
      William Farrel
      • Fine gifts indeed

        As in, if I was given one, I probably wouldn't throw it out or regift it. However, none are gifts that I am likely to give (unless you count gifting myself with Win 8)
      • An Android fan does like MS or Apple

        Was it a shock?
  • Not me

    Surface RT, iPad Mini, and Wii U are my most wanted Christmas gifts this year. I can't believe you hit basically everything I would love to receive this year on a list of things not to buy. I would have liked a Windows 8 upgrade for my PC as well, but I already purchased that one myself (and I've been very happy with it).
  • Why Not to Buy Windows 8 Pro

    I was happy with Win7, but Windows 8 is a little bit faster, so I don't feel let down by it, even though I still use standard desktop apps 99% of the time.

    You'll get used to the start screen in about a week, and after that you probably won't think twice about it. Basically it's the same as the old start menu, just bigger.

    At the moment, if you're on Win7 there's really no reason I can think of to upgrade, but I suspect that when Microsoft releases Windows9 we'll start to see compelling reasons to upgrade.
  • You know, when you buy a gift, you aren't supposed to

    get what YOU like, you're supposed to get what the RECIPIENT would like.
    • Right...

      I might have spoken directly to the reader in some cases, but those with gift intentions are still left with points to walk away with.
  • IF you stuck giving a Surface make sure you give them

    the sales receipt so they can make the return easyier. That's how Loverock Davidson is handeling the potential Sufaces situtation.
    Over and Out
    • And if you give them an iPad, make sure to give them the sales receipt AND

      directions to the Apple store, so they can find it when they go to return it, since the iOS maps would likely place the Apple store in the middle of a river or highway.
      William Farrel
      • Touche

        I did chuckle with that one.
        John Zern
  • What do you like exactly?

    You don't like the iPad Mini, you don't like Windows8 Pro, you don't like Andoid whatever, etc. What do you like exactly? I hate to say that, but what a useless post!!! No wonder you have so few comments to it!
    • More than just descriptions.

      The point of this wasn't to demonstrate 10 things I, personally, do not like; it was to demonstrate reasons that people might want to consider when they find any one (or more) of the ten things herein interesting. And if you take the time to read my descriptions, you'll see I give love to my Droid DNA (Android-powered), the iPad 4, the Wii U, the PS Vita, and more.
    • Re: you don't like Andoid whatever, etc.

      Not sure where you get that idea.
  • All of us would have different lists

    but I do agree with you on Win 8 and the Surface. We were fast forwarding through a Surface commercial and my wife asked ( in the way people ask when they are fishing for gift ideas) if I would like One. I made it clear that I wouldn't. I am not an MS basher (though I am a Ballmer basher). I use MS products every day. Win 8 seems to bring out a visceral hate in otherwise calm well adjusted people. It is a complete reboot of the windows user experience. I understand the rationale for updating Windows to work across multiple devices and to better reflect computer usage in a mobile touch screen world. The implementation is so horrific that I cannot see how it made it past any credible design review. For the record, my tech toy request for the holiday is a galaxy note II. I have the S III but I am passing that down to the wife.
  • Surface RT is a good buy

    Combined with the Windows RT remote desktop app I believe the RT version is a very attractive device. It is like the media has decided the Surface is bad, for me it is the best and most versatile device I have ever owned.
  • You can't blame this on the media

    While most people have never used a Surface, Win 8 (including the various preview editions) has been around long enough for the tech crowd to have used it on different platforms and on different applications. Test driving software, talking to users, and writing about their experiences is what the media tech writers do. If they are slamming it, it isn't always because they have a pro-Apple or pro-Linux bias. Win 8 is a weak product and the reviews reflect that.
  • Well, the tech media asked for it

    "Apple iPad mini"

    LOL. The tech media clamored for this thing.

    And now, it's not so good after all?

    Just goes to show that the tech media is frankly out of touch with reality.
  • Great article, but do you know what it needs?

    A View All button so everything loads in one page in a single column.

    Dang, another interesting looking article I am not going to see...