The best CRM suite

The best CRM suite

Summary: We look at seven CRM solutions, compare them and give some recommendations for where each would have the best fit.




LeadMaster is an Australian on-demand CRM product that is easy to use and provides powerful marketing and sales tools. It comes in several flavours: a mini and maxi Business edition, as well as Corporate and Enterprise editions.


Depending on your taste, the interface may look either spartan or clean, with simple links at the top to the individual modules for Accounts, Contacts, Administration and so forth. The uncluttered interface hides a powerful tool underneath, however, and after a bit of getting used to we quickly found it easy to work with LeadMaster.

It also integrates nicely with Outlook, providing convenient synchronisation of contacts and appointments. Emails can be automatically attached to the right contact in the CRM system, even if you use Outlook as your primary front end to emails.

The Accounts module.
(Screenshot by CBSi)


A strong point in the new version of LeadMaster is Task Manager, which ties into workflow automation to add time-based task management and business rule features. An example would be that if a lead isn't contacted within a certain time frame it's automatically reassigned to another representative, who is alerted via an email or text message. Or you could split incoming leads based on value between different sales teams automatically. Task Manager will also be a boon to sales managers who can now track sales activity more effectively; sales staff will like the fact that they don't have to manage reminders individually for each lead.

LeadMaster also offers other tools such as Virtual Call Center and Lead-Xpress; the latter is essentially a bare-bones, low-cost, CRM system just for receiving and updating leads. There's also an interesting software phone that integrates with leading VoIP providers as well as the CRM system and lets you leave pre-recorded messages on people's voicemail, record conversations and set up call scripts.


Creating personalised emails and forms is very easy, and there are over 25 industry-specific templates to facilitate customisation to suit your business. An option to download your entire database at any time is uncommon in hosted CRM packages; this should help ease worries around the cloud and data access. LeadMaster integrates nicely with Outlook as well as Google Calendar, and is very good at capturing all leads, whether from webinars, landing pages or call centres. Customisation is very intuitive and it is easy to adapt LeadMaster to various business situations. There are no marketplace of third-party add-ons at this stage, but the API to build solutions that work with LeadMaster is public.

There are over 25 industry-specific templates to facilitate customisation.
(Screenshot by CBSi)


LeadMaster has a mobile version for iPhone, BlackBerry and Android, as well as an offline version for laptops.

Social CRM

LeadMaster integrates with Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn through Web Links Management, which is a simple way to bring selected external data directly into the LeadMaster database.


LeadMaster is an easy-to-use tool with a strong focus on lead generation and nurturing, as well as comprehensive marketing tools. It's also a flexible platform with a great approach to CRM.

Product LeadMaster
Price Available on request
Vendor LeadMaster
Phone 1300 852 599
Web (trial available)

Interoperability 3/5 LeadMaster integrates with its own call centre suites.
Future-proofing 3.5/5 LeadMaster is a good CRM application with frequent additions of features and a strong following in the APAC region that will suit any small and medium business. Make sure your business is comfortable relying on a smaller player, albeit one that has proven very successful for quite some years.
ROI 3.5/5 Easy to customise and a low-cost cloud option.

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  • Large CRM soft like Dynamics and Salesforces are taking a while to implement. For exemple, you need at lease 1 ou 2 years to setup the entire workflow. They sell you small pieces of soft and one by one you need to puzzle. For exemple. If you want to subcribe to Salesforce, you need to purchase a liscence of 125/user per month for the crm imagine if you have an entire channel to provide with that solution. After this if you want a website you need to pay 1500/per site per month + an other fee for write. In the case that you have dealers... you will have to pay : 18000 per year * nb of sites + the Crm. I prefer a PRM solution including a CRM like
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      We actually created a savings tool to show what it would take to build your own crm. If you have a company with 25 employees you would save $8500 in the first year. You can check out the blog at
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    None of the products mentioned in this article are designed for small businesses. Instead, consider RelateIQ, Nimble CRM or Base CRM--each of which make relationships management easy and pleasant--instead of a time-consuming chore in data-entry. There is certainly not a one-size fits all solution, but you are often better off using the new generation of CRM applications that focus on mobile, usability, automated data gathering, and relationship intelligence. If you are trying to find the best CRM for your business, check out Software Report ( to learn more.
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