The best new WIMP desktop today: Linux Mint 15 (Gallery)

The best new WIMP desktop today: Linux Mint 15 (Gallery)

Summary: If you want an old-style, hard-working, windows, icons, menus, and pointer desktop, then what you want is Linux Mint 15.

TOPICS: Linux, PCs

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  • Mint screen saver customization

    A small, but nice, feature in Mint 15 is that you can customize your screen-saver. Here,  Clem, Mint's chief developer, is letting anyone who happens into his office know that he's out to lunch. 

  • Yes, Mint still has the Linux shell

    You can go for years now without ever seeing an old-fashioned Linux shell terminal, but it you really need it, it's still there and ready for you. 

  • Linux Mint Software Sources

    One common reason you used to need the shell was to set things up so you could easily install exotic software that wasn't ready for prime time. Now, if you're inclined to be experimental with your programs, Mint's Software Sources makes it easy to add Linux software repositories. 

Topics: Linux, PCs

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  • Looks Good !

    Can you now do upgrades with Mint or is it still a re-install ?
    Thando Gqabaza
    • Reinstall

      Still a reinstall.
      • The most user-friendly operation system: Linux Mint

        My favorite and the most common Linux distribution i have installed to computers of my friends and relatives (almost 20 portables and desktops). I just works and 5 years LTS (long time support).
        Napoleon XIV
  • There's also Windows 7 and OS X

    Just to be clear.

    Linux Mint is nice (what Ubuntu should have been) but Linux just doesn't have the vendor supported drivers for a lot of stuff (like music hardware.)
  • The best new WIMP desktop today: Linux Mint 15 (Gallery)

    That interface is an eye sore. 1990 would like to have its icons back. Best part is you are still required to use the command line, LOL!!
    • Guess you missed this line

      You can go for years now without ever seeing an old-fashioned Linux shell terminal, but it you really need it, it's still there and ready for you.
    • Loverock-Davidson....your tellnet port is open

      don't you have some compiling to do
      Over and Out
    • Where've you been?

      I used my last tower computer for two years with Ubuntu and never had to use the command line. I've had my new tower for two years now and have only used command line a few times because it was just simpler.

      That being said, Windows 7 still uses the command line... In fact it expanded it with "PowerShell"... which looks a lot like the Linux command line. While not mandatory, sometimes it is just easier to do some things at the command line... even in Windows 7.
    • Required? For what?

      For what are you REQUIRED to use the command line? You are an idiot.
    • Need for command line

      OK, I know this thread is dated but I just have to comment. I brought back 1000 photos from a recent trip to Spain and decided I didn't like the naming convention on the files. Using standard Linux tools (awk, grep, cut, strings.....) that scanned each file for the timestamp it was taken, formatted that time into YYYYMMDDHHMMSS format, and appended that timestamp to the text SPAIN_ Took about 1/2 hour to write the script, about another 10 - 15 minutes to run it against 1000 photos.

      Do that with your Windows GUI. Sometimes, you just gotta do a bunch in just a fraction of the time.
      Tony Kruse
      • Need for command line

        "Do that with your Windows GUI. Sometimes, you just gotta do a bunch in just a fraction of the time."

        30 seconds to download, 30 seconds to install, 30 seconds to rename files‎
  • Was almost hooked until...

    --cough this blogger (per history) made a stupid Linux bigot move. To me, if you can't recommend any product without by routine being snide about another, that's an attitude I can live without. Besides, OSX is a perfectly good alternative I like and use so I am using a hidden 'nix anyway. Pity though, those screenshots came within a hair breath of having me hooked...
    • And yet... this piece, he mentioned neither MS nor Windows. But one should never let truth get in the way of a campaign.
      John L. Ries
      • SJVN did mention Windows 8

        Please review his comment under the third slide, a destop with menus.
        • I guess he did

          Must have missed that. I'm reminded of the League of Confederate Correctors in one of the Rocky and Bullwinkle sequences.
          John L. Ries
        • I'm reminded of a line from David and Goliah (Sunday A.M. cartoon)

          "It's not what you don't do, it's what you do do."
          Rabid Howler Monkey
      • Re: "mentioned neither MS nor Windows"

        Just the way it should be. Perhaps the message has finally reached planet Linux LOL
  • My current favorite is Peppermint 3.

    Compare and contrast? This looks interesting but since I've already found one I like, what's the case for switching? (I'm open to it, but I need more data.)
    Brook Monroe
  • It's cute but...

    After one stares at a bunch of icons, thinking "what do I want to do?" the answer is either go back to the project you're working on. just browse or turn it off. More desktops and more icons have long since lost it. It's what do I have to do versus what do I want to do and I'm sorry but at the moment, the sun's shining. bye.
    • trm1945..maybe they should be FLASHING like the tiles do in Metro

      Do the flashing tiles in Metro get you going in the morning?
      Over and Out