The best productivity apps for Windows Phone 8

The best productivity apps for Windows Phone 8

Summary: Check out these useful apps available on the Windows Phone Store to make your work life a little bit easier when you are out of the office.


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  • Try these office apps to connect with your colleagues, share documents and track your tasks and expenses whilst you are out and about.

    Image: Windows Phone store


  • Office Remote

    Office Remote turns your smartphone into a remote that enables interaction with Microsoft Office on your PC. The app lets you control Word, Excel, and PowerPoint from across the room, so you can walk around freely during presentations whilst interacting with the screen.

    You can start a PowerPoint presentation from your phone, use a laser pointer, see the next slide before advancing slides, jump to slides and play videos embedded in the presentation. You can view the speaker notes and timner

    In Excel you can zoom into the spreadsheet, switch between worksheets and graphs, and use Pivot tables and filters.  In Word you can scroll through a Word document or jump to specific sections or comments.

    Your PC needs Bluetooth and the desktop add in for Office Remote

    Cost: Free

    Image: Microsoft




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  • The best productivity apps for Windows Phone 8

    I have most of these but there are a few worth checking out and adding to the collection. Thanks for the article.
  • Tasks!

    I waited so long for an app like this... One note just doesn't catch all that...
  • You missed Lync 2013

    If your business uses Office 365 and Lync, Lync 2013 on Windows Phone is the best communication, IM, presentation/meetings viewer etc. tool.
    Ram U
  • The best productivity apps for Windows Phone 8

    Thanks for the list, will download a few of these apps now.
  • I believe

    It is Yolu Card Reader, as I did a search for Youlu and could not find it.
  • Apps for WP8

    I can vouch for Skype and TeamViewer, have them them both.

    Not sure how Office Lens and Youlou differ. Must be a difference in emphasis.

    I have evaluated Powerpoint Remote but not yet had chance to try 'in the wild'. Office Remote must be similar, though with added control over Word and Excel.

    One of the best of all is not listed as it need not be, and that is MS OneNote, since it is supplied free with the phone...

    (Nokia Lumia 520)
    • Also...

      Why would someone use Box when OneDrive is free and included with the phone already (plus is natively linked back to your PC as well?)
  • Should've included links

    Would've been nice :)
  • What ?

    There are actually apps in the WP store ?
    Alan Smithie
  • Miss the must important App.

    LeadSales is the best and an great app for sales, productive work and Account management!
    Check it!
  • Why cant you show this as an article

    This gallery style format is soooooooooooooooooo annoying