The best tablets so far: Australian round-up

The best tablets so far: Australian round-up

Summary: In the market for a tablet? Here's a quick run through of our favourites so far.


So you want a tablet. You desire one. Crave, one might even say.

The most pressing question is, which one suits you best? If you want something that does it all, Asus' Windows-based Slate EP121 is likely your best bet. If you buy into the entire Apple eco-system, iTunes, iMac, iPhone, iDesk, iPony and all, then you really can't go past the iPad.

For Android tablets, the Eee Pad Transformer is our current pick, especially considering the excellent price and doubled-battery life if you hook it up to its keyboard. For just the tablet though, our interest is also piqued in the yet-to-be-released Toshiba AT100.

Laptops, smartphones and tablets are all colliding at an alarming pace, and we expect plenty of game-changing devices in all categories to hit this year and next. It's a good time to be in tech!


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