The future of netbooks

The future of netbooks

Summary: What technologies will the netbooks of the future incorporate as standard? Here are ten we expect to still be around in 2012 and five we don't.


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  • Ten Things You Will See In Netbooks By 2012...
    In just over a year, since the launch of the ASUS Eee PC in October 2007, the netbook — a small, lightweight, moderately specified and (above all) affordable notebook computer — has become one of the hottest categories of client hardware. In retrospect, this should come as no surprise — after all, no-one wants to carry more notebook or pay more for it than they have to. But what technologies will the netbooks of the future incorporate as standard? The following ten pages list ten that we think will make the grade, while the remaining ones list our tips for also-ran status.


  • 3G everywhere
    A netbook that can't connect to the internet is a PDA that won't fit in your pocket — which is why you can't get one without Wi-Fi. But 3G is now mature, fast and cheap enough to use, while the network operators are desperate to populate their expensive infrastructure with lots of people. Combine that with a glut of affordable 3G silicon, and 3G becomes the new Wi-Fi.


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  • Great article... but

    you left out the HD vrs SSD issue. Will SSD's take over the netbooks ?
  • Mostly agree

    I think you've covered most of this as well as any non-crystal-ball-holder can, with one notable exception.

    The Cloud (cue ominous music). I suspect in the not to distant future there will be a really major security leak that will scare the pants off almost everyone. I can't believe it is anything other than an incident waiting to happen.