The geeks night before Christmas

The geeks night before Christmas

Summary: The geek's holiday classic.

TOPICS: Mobility
Geek tree 300

Twas the night before Christmas

And all through the store.

Not a fanboy was stirring

Neither girl nor a boy.


The geeks were all nestled

At home up the stairs,

In hopes that the gift cards

Soon would be there.


Their dreams all atwitter, 

Of gadgets and stuff.

Like apps and fine cases,

Protective and tough.

When all of a sudden,

Such a racket above.


"On Nexus, on Surface, on iPad, on Chromebook.

On iPhone, on Windows Phone, on Metro, on MacBook."


The gift cards, the gadgets

Flew under the tree,

The geeks none the wiser,

Asleep they must be.


The morning arrived

The geeks day begun,

Seeing all the small boxes,

A charger in each one.


With eyes all aglow

From screens large and small.

Gadgets were configured,

The apps did enthrall.


Another geek's Christmas

Did prove once again,

That gadgets are magical

And always a win.


Happy holidays from me to you! May your days be safe and special.

Topic: Mobility

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  • This is awesome!!

    Ha! Love this!!
  • Excellent!

    Merry Christmas.
  • When you say "fine cases"

    I hope you meant cases of some fine craft brewed Christmas beers!

    Hope you had a joyous one!
    William Farrel