The iPad mini and the new iPad 4

The iPad mini and the new iPad 4

Summary: Today Apple unveiled the long-awaited iPad mini along with a revamped -- and mostly unexpected -- iPad 4. Let's take a look at how Apple has improved its best-selling tablet.

TOPICS: Apple, Hardware, iPad, Tablets

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  • Today Apple finally unveiled the long-awaited iPad mini -- Apple's answer to the growing pressure from small tablets such as Google's Nexus 7 and Amazon's Kindle Fire HD.

    This is a tablet that Apple claims is small enough to fit in one hand, but just as capable as the full-sized iPad.

    Image source: Apple.

  • The iPad mini features a 7.9-inch display with 1024-by-768 resolution at 163 pixels per inch (ppi). In line with my predictions (booyah!), the display is not a retina display screen, but instead a shrunken down version of the screen found on the iPad 2.

    Image source: Apple.

  • The iPad mini features the 8-pin Lightning port as first debuted on the iPhone 5. This means it is compatible with accessories for the new iPhone.

    Also, the iPad mini comes in white and a black/slate look, again, just like the iPhone 5.

    The construction is all glass and aluminum, and the chassis is diamond cut to ensure a perfect fit.

    Image source: Apple.

Topics: Apple, Hardware, iPad, Tablets

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  • New New iPad--Take a flying leap Apple

    I am mostly a Mac guy even though I have two DIY PC desktops--high performance, but built just for fun. I continue to more an more annoyed by Apple. The company is becoming more and more arrogant and less thoughtful of customers. I very recently purchased the new iPad. Now, out of the blue, Apple has announced an upgraded new iPad. The time frame here, a relatively few months when it comes to upgrades, is way too short to upgrade an expensive piece of equipment (mine is the top of the line). I will stick with Apple, but I'm going to continuously express my feelings about the unfriendly and unethical things, in my opinion, Apple is doing on an apparently now recurring basis. But, of course, I won't do so on the Apple forums since critical posts are summarily deleted. Take a flying leap Apple.
    • Apple kicks Microsoft in the groin

      Apple used perfect timing to hurt Windows 8/RT launch. Launching a new iPad that is even more superior compared to Windows RT tablets. Apples broad launch of both new iPads and new Macs put a lot of pressure on Microsoft and it's OEMs. If iPad 3 was better than the surface, imagine how much better the iPad 4 will be. Surface too big? Np, get an iPad mini. Surface too much toy? Get a Macbook pro 13 inch retina...
      • Surface or MacBook...

        I could buy a MacBook retina for $1700, or I could buy a Surface for $599.... Hmmm...
        The one and only, Cylon Centurion
        • You're right ...

          ... it's a false economy.
        • You could also do this

          Buy a Bugatti Veyron or alternatively an Aygo. Hmmm, which one will you choose?
          • But it's Apple!

            Simple answer, just stick an Apple logo on that Aygo & you can sell them at Veyron prices to the Apple fans.

            My flame tablet cost much less than half Apple's version & has more features.
      • apple fanboy

        i hate apple for releasing ipad 4 too early, my ipad 3 now was completely removed on apple site. omg. f@@k U apple. i will not buy nano and ipad again. ill be waiting for mor powerfull device from windows.
        Gregorio Mgalpok
  • Just because there is a 4 doesn't mean the 3 quit working!

    So now it's unethical to upgrade a product? I can't understand that line of reasoning at all.
    terry flores
  • Damned if you do, damned if you don't

    Announce upgrades infrequently, and you're "not keeping up with the competition". Announce upgrades too frequently, and you're disappointing all the customers who bought the previous version...
  • bad grammar

    > just like that of it's bigger brother

    Should be "its." "It's" is a contraction for "it is."
    • You're assuming

      this guy its an actual journalist and/or writer! Clearly he's not! Just look at the quality of his articles. Fanboy at its most basic form, borderline ok blogger at best.
  • Existing Apps Will Only Work Unchanged If You Like Them Shrunken Down

    Funny, IOS was always touted as a platform for developers who cared about design and "pixel-perfect layouts". You cannot simply take a UI layout designed to work at one particular size and blindly scale it up or down to a wildly different size. That's why Android has its flexible multiresolution layout system. It is really long overdue for IOS to adopt something similar. After all, look at all the other Android ideas it has copied.
    • iPad mini screen

      Is the same pixels as the iPad 2, so no need to scale or make a new app if your app works on an iPad 2 already.

      And the UI layout will be the same as on an iPad 2. Where do you get this "blindly scale it up or down to a wildly different size" from? Did you not actually read the specs on it before you start attacking it?
  • IS this the "mini" that Apple said

    they'd never make because no one will want something small???
  • I thought it was interesting...

    I thought it was interesting that Apple used a low resolution display on the iPad Mini in order to lower the price. I knew something would have to give in order to lower the price. Personally, I couldn't go back to low res after using Retina on my iPad 3 and iPhone 4s. It's worth the extra cost to get the MUCH higher resolution. But at least the people who wanted a cheaper, smaller iPad should be happy.