The latest in emergency tech: pics

The latest in emergency tech: pics

Summary: The Association of Public-Safety Communications Officials Australasia conference gives vendors a chance to show off the latest and greatest tech for keeping the public safe and dealing with emergency situations. ZDNet Australia took a sneak peak at some of the tech on show.


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  • (Credit: Josh Taylor/ZDNet Australia)

    The ninth annual conference was held on the Gold Coast. The event brings various police and emergency service agencies together with telecommunications providers and network vendors, such as Motorola, Telstra, Optus, Tait and Airwave.

    The Western Australian Police Holden SV6 concept car has been on the road since early 2011. WA Police is in the process of ordering up to 48 of these at a cost of $60,000 each.

  • (Credit: Josh Taylor/ZDNet Australia)

    Inside, the concept car is equipped with automatic number-plate recognition, access to the WA Police database, fingerprint and facial recognition and in-car video cameras. While a normal car can process between 200 to 300 inquiries per day, the WA Police estimates that this car can process 1000.

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  • While these devices are great tools giving the police and all of their users that edge they can serve as distractions to the driver or motorcycle rider and the safety aspect of that must never be forgotten. We can't see police and ambulance motorcyclists having accidents because they were reading an update or accepting a job on a data terminal, in that case a mobile phone would be far safer.
    Finally all the police need is support from the courts and the law makers themselves, I mean there is no point having all of these toys if law breakers aren't properly punished is there?
    Grumpy Middle Aged Man
    • If punishment stopped people breaking laws, and laws could be created without the law makers financial interests in mind, your view would be quite correct Grumpy Middle Aged Man. But that just isn't so.
      Also, when it comes to this technology (FYI - technology is based on logical progression/Improvement), hands free, voice recognition and the like are sure to make their use safer and for efficient. It all comes down to moving with the times and growing ones understanding. Crying out to 'authoritarians' for the punishment of those who picked the short straw hasn't been useful since the dark ages.