The Linux Black Friday Gallery

The Linux Black Friday Gallery

Summary: Let's look at some of the best Linux-based gadgets available this Black Friday.


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  • System76 Bonobo Extreme

    Want a high-end, no-compromises Ubuntu Linux laptop? Then what you want is System76's Bonoboo Extreme. No, at $1,549, it's not cheap, but it is loaded. Even if you don't want to give to little Johnnie maybe you should consider treating yourself with this high-end laptop this holiday season. 

  • System76 Darter UltraThin

    OK, so your credit-card can't stand the strain of a Bonobo Extreme, how about System76's Darter UltraThin for $899? No, it's not as nifty, but with Linux it still have more than enough power to do anything you're ever likely to do with a laptop. 

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  • Hmm

    System76 is over priced big time!
    • Agree on the price part

      They should add more products for middle class line-up.
      They got very limited choose between the price margin with their current price strategy.
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