The magic that makes Google tick

The magic that makes Google tick

Summary: Google's vice-president of engineering was in London this week to talk to potential recruits about just what lies behind that search page. ZDNet UK snuck in to listen

TOPICS: Servers
The process
Obviously it would be impractical to run the algorithm once every page for every query, so Google splits the problem down.

When a query comes in to the system it is sent off to index servers, which contain an index of the Web. This index is a mapping of each word to each page that contains that word. For instance, the word 'Imperial' will point to a list of documents containing that word, and similarly for 'College'. For a search on 'Imperial College' Google does a Boolean 'AND' operation on the two words to get a list of what Hölzle calls 'word pages'.

"We also consider additional data, such as where in the page does the word occur: in the title, the footnote, is it in bold or not, and so on.

Each index server indexes only part of the Web, as the whole Web will not fit on a single machine - certainly not the type of machines that Google uses. Google's index of the Web is distributed across many machines, and the query gets sent to many of them - Google calls each on a shard (of the Web). Each one works on its part of the problem.

Google computes the top 1000 or so results, and those come back as document IDs rather than text. The next step is to use document servers, which contain a copy of the Web as crawled by Google's spiders. Again the Web is essentially chopped up so that each machine contains one part of the Web. When a match is found, it is sent to the ad server which matches the ads and produces the familiar results page.

Google's business model works because all this is done on cheap hardware, which allows it to run the service free-of-charge to users, and charge only for advertising.

Topic: Servers

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  • Hello
    One thing that ticks me off about google is that it desplays multiple results on a search query from the same web site.
    How hard can it be to limit the exposer to one url per query?
    Is it logical to have a website show up hundreds of times on a search query?
    Try searching for the word "algarve" (region in Portugal).
    I think it is googles mission to deliver me to a website where I can find the content I am looking for, and not to worry about holding me up to reach the cookie jar and sink it down my mouth.
    Show me where the supermarket is, I will find the shelf!
    Thank you.
    Keep clicking...

    Hilton Santos
  • Dude... don't know what you're talking about. Tried your search and got 10 results for 10 different websites listed. Google DOES eliminate results that are alike.
  • Hi Carlos
    Thank you for your feedback.
    Search for "algarve car hire"
    You will notice as I have (saved the results in the case you would like me to send them to you)
    that the same website:
    comes in at 2nd and 3rd position, if you continue down the list you will find it time and time again.
    Are the results relevant?
    Well... I guess one of the results is, all others are repeats, that point to the same web page...
  • Open letter to Google.

    Hello my dear Googlers

    My comment has nothing to do with google suggest, I find it very useful.
    Now what really squeezes the sh.. out of me is ONE THING and this is it:

    Why the hell do you allow a website to show up multiple times on one search query?

    Why GOOGLE? Why?

    It seams so simple to deal with, and trust me when I say, that I AM NOT A GENIUS!

    Is there not a way of eliminating, the multiple exposer of a given website by means of it

    "Now please excuse me if I sound dramatic, but, HOW HARD can it be to eliminate the following results after the first one has been shown?"

    typical question from someone who has no idea what they are asking for.

    HOW HARD can it be?
    have you tried doing this? Have you tried to put up thousands of computers and make a "slight" adjustment on a program running on the whole network?
    If you have not tried doing it, dont pretend to understand how it works. You have no idea what you are asking for. You can probably send some money to Google so they can have the resources to process your request... Its not like you actually paid Google to do the search for you right? You want a personalized search engine? Go make one yourself. It's relatively easy to do... well, that is, if you have the brain for it.
  • Very dear Frustrated Research and Development specialist

    I am sorry you feel this way...
    Why don
  • Oh Wilton, Alem de parvo es muito burro!!!!
    Epa why Google?? mesmo de puto.

  • And he calls himself development specialist ...
    Some guys are so stupid !!!
  • Sou puto mas tenho colh... para assinar o que escrevo...
  • Dear Hilton,

    First of all, please forgive me for the bad english.
    Good afternoon. I don't think very ethical from your part to criticize other's websites listed on google. If you want to criticize google then e-mail them with general matters. Never with particular cases. I think that might not be the best way to gain customers or positions on google. I know several websites, experts in many matters that only show up on page 14 on google and on yahoo thay're on page 1. Can you imagine. I hope you try to compete with other companies in defferent ways then criticizing their marketing on the internet. Criticize Google if you want, but never pointing your finger to a particular website.
  • I do not have time for people who do not assume there identity....
    You are either born with balls or they grow on you...
  • anonymous
  • anonymous
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  • Hello One thing that ticks me off about google is that it desplays...

    agreed can be a bit of a pain
    Trust me i can help