The major enterprise collaboration platforms and their mobile clients

The major enterprise collaboration platforms and their mobile clients

Summary: Most of the leading enterprise collaboration platforms have mobile clients as well as social networking features. Here's a list of the leaders as well as a look at their mobile clients.


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  • While there are hundreds of options, most enterprises end up looking at this short list of platforms and capabilities for workforce collaboration.

    Last week I examined the leading and/or most established players in enterprise collaboration. This gallery summarizes the major options available today while also taking a look at their mobile capabilities, which are now relatively sophisticated except for a surprising omission.

    Each enterprise collaboration platform is presented along with their mobile clients. Whenever possible, their relative popularity in terms of user ratings either in the App Store or Google Play is given, something which is a useful gauge on how easy they are to use, especially in terms of stability and frequency of update from the vendors.

    These players cover the gamut from enterprise social networks (ESNs), to some form of content or document management system with social features, and/or an intranet/portal platform. Most of the options presented here offer a range of these capabilties but almost all of them focus primarily in one area or the other.

    Finally, based on the e-mail I recieved from the original post, there's a lot of interest in taking a look at the 2nd tier of options, since innovation in collaboration seems to be continuing unabated and new entries emerge all the time. I will be assembling this list soon and posting it here. You can use my feedback form to submit any entries you'd like to see included.

    Platforms included in this gallery are Box, Citrix Podio, Cisco WebEx Social, IBM Connections, Jive Social Business Platform, Microsoft SharePoint and Yammer, Salesforce Chatter, and SAP Jam.

    You can start viewing the gallery here.

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  • Box is a secure, file-based collaboration platform in the cloud with strong security and integration with many popular applications.

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  • In Gartner Magic Quadrants for Social Business and Collaboration Software..

    85% contextual relevance is benchmark to be credible and none of these achieve this
    • Gartner no longer relevant

      In the G2 ratings for Social Collaboration Software, Chatter is a leader. This is based not just on what Gartner analysts say, but user reviews and big data. Would definitely help in figuring out which of these platforms to buy. Check it out:
  • Enhancing Unified Communications

    Investment in a real-time collaborative solution has been doing the rounds lately. Organizations are seen investing in a business-driven enterprise collaboration approach that revolves around a well-defined unified communication strategy with mobile, social and cloud as the core tenets. A mature Unified Communication (UC) function integrated into organizations business processes, in other words ‘customized/tailored’, yields greater benefits for an organisation. It leads to a fast-track route to accomplish their business goals.

    You might be interested to attend a webinar on enhancing unified communications through Lync and UCMA -
  • SharePoint mobile apps – please correct your statement

    Please correct your statement about “no native mobile apps” for SharePoint. SharePoint access is integrated in Windows Phone, there is no need for a separate app, also each sharepoint site can be accessed from a mnodern smartphone.

    On other mobile platforms access to sharepint files is available by using SkyDrive or SkyDrive Pro, which are available for all major mobile platforms. There is also a variety of other apps which integrate with SharePoint such as OneNote and other.
    • Correct..

      Skydrive(hosted through SP) is very accessible for iOS devices(can't speak for Android). Also browser support is surprisingly good. Problems start to kick in though when the security guys start to ratchet up the security. Since mobile devices are not part of the domain there isn't pass through authentication. You will get prompted a lot for logins and passwords. But again, other then that pretty darn good!
  • please correct your statement and image

    SharePoint does have a native newsfeed app in the Windows store.

    So you can update your image and correct the statements.
  • 2nd Tier of Options - Interact Intranet

    Hi Dion..

    As you mentioned there are many other venders specialising in these areas.

    Please have a look at Interact ( when compiling your 2nd tier of options.

    It's comprehensive intranet software combining both social and productivity tools in one place having a direct impact on workforce collaboration. Users should not have to shift between platforms for collaboration and business process tools with no connectivity between each system. This just ends up with more silos.

    Interact is available both in the cloud and on-premise, and build with responsive design at its core, offers a comprehensive and powerful platform for sharing knowledge and aiding internal communications.

    Thanks - Scott
  • Try Unison (

    We provide secure, realtime "rooms" where teams can talk to each other, post files, get feedback etc.

    Growing very quickly -- a more private approach than ESNs, and (IMO) more useful. People want to talk in groups in most cases, not a company-wide stream, and the "groups" built in to ESNs like Yammer/Jive are a clunky, bolt-on afterthought.
  • MangoApps

    Hi Dion, suggest you also have a look at MangoApps native Smartphone & tablet Apps..
    Refer for the release notes...

    You would like to have a look at Projects, Tasks, Wiki's Ideas, CRM Integration, etc over & above microblogging & document collaboration.

    Look forward to reading your thoughts on the App :)
  • 2nd Tier Option -- River from Triple Creek


    Check out River from Triple Creek ( River is social learning software that supports peer learning, coaching and mentoring. The great thing about River is that there is actual learning structure embedded in the system in the form of competencies, learning goals, and skills identification. It supports enterprise-wide knowledge sharing and collaboration, but with a more intentional focus than just social networking or document sharing. People form their own learning engagements, use the system to find experts, connect with one another (often in groups), and share knowledge that will help build skills and competencies. It is a unique approach to the growing need for skill building, collaboration and knowledge sharing.
    Laura F
  • Looks interesting but

    @Dion Hinchcliffe

    The "article" looks interesting but I refuse to read any more gallery style articles. They're a waste of my time.

    Check out, an enterprise document management / sharing and collaboration tool. Storage agnostic and has some excellent security and team hub features.

    [Disclaimer: I'm a friend of the owner, but I use the software and can't say enough good things about it]
  • Real time collaborative web apps

    Organizations are gunning for collaboration since ages, yet many times fail to see the importance of real time collaboration. Users today expect a collaborative, personalized and an amazingly interactive experience using real time web technologies. Never before there has been more demand for real-time collaborative applications. You might be interested
    in an insightful webinar ""Building Real-Time Collaborative Web Applications”
    to learn more about the ‘building-blocks’ -the powerful technologies that
    enable interactive experiences with real-time web applications. You can
    register here:
  • 2nd Tier Options - Consider


    Riffpad fosters information flow within the secure environment of an enterprise space. It allows dispersed teams to work together seamlessly and productively.

    Unlike bloated "full featured" software that is difficult to comprehend, it is designed to be simple to learn and use with a vastly reduced learning curve. This makes Riffpad the ideal collaborative platform for small companies.