The most beautiful, one-of-a-kind, handcrafted PCs you'll ever see

The most beautiful, one-of-a-kind, handcrafted PCs you'll ever see

Summary: Take a look at some amazing hand-crafted PC cases, all done by one extremely talented hobbyist.


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  • Flightline connections

    This is the PC-connection view of Flightline. The motherboard is a Gigabyte Thin Mini-ITX motherboard.

    Images in this gallery courtesy Jeffrey Stephenson.

  • G-metric Nano

    This is the G-metric Nano, completed in 2007 and crafted chery wood with an inlayed design. To learn more about G-metric Nano's construction, visit the project home page.

    Don't forget to read our companion article, "Jeffrey Stephenson, the Frank Loyd Wright of PC case design" to learn more about Jeffrey, his work, and how and why he does it.

    Images in this gallery courtesy Jeffrey Stephenson.

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  • Still Nothing Quite Compares ...

    ... with the Thermaltake Level 10.

    Or this
    • I don't agree

      I took a look at those that you mentioned and linked. They don't compare... Some of Stephenson's are much more beautiful. Thermatake Level 10 is nice, but these are better, IMHO.
      People have different tastes and that's probably the reason why our preferences differ.
      • LV10 owner here...

        The Thermaltake Level 10 is a work of art-BUT it is not easy to maintenance. Try adding additional fans to the built-in-drive bays and that's the test right there. Most people are flabbergasted when they find out you spent $500+ and got just a case ONLY with no internals at all, heh.

        If I had seen designs like these and the price wasn't that much more than the Thermaltake Level 10, I could see myself considering one of these alternatives even though the Thermaltake Level 10 is visually stunning.
    • Kidding much!!

      My god those handcrafted pc's are work of art man..Amazing craftsmanship!!!
    • Those don't compare

      and I had a Level 10 case. Level 11 blows it away.
  • Beautiful, just beautiful.

    Now some of these designs would get me to go back to a desktop! (I have even gotten to the point of not liking my laptop because it's too big, bulky and an eyesore to leave out. I've been doing everything with my iPad unless forced to go to my laptop.

    These are beautiful, functional and would look great anywhere in the house without being an eyesore or standing out. Makes me want to come home to one of these beauties and start her up.

    Now just need matching printer or printer cabinet or something. I'm so sick of those big computer hutches.
  • The Project Ayr, Decomatic, and G-metric-Nano

    would make some of the most beautiful digital music servers. I can see them paired up with the highest quality custom made wooden encased Japanese vacuum tubed SET stereo amplifiers and higher quality DACs. This man is a true artist.
  • The first ones look nice.

    but i'm not going to reload the page 20times to look at em all. the thumbnails looks nice though.
    • Look at these wonderful designs

      On forum software that has zero design input.

      I agree, other than view the thumbnails, I'm not bothering with the refresh refresh refresh...
      Little Old Man
    • When boredom strikes

      I wrote some JavaScript to load the images in the background. You paste it into the browsers JavaScript console and it converts the gallery into an ajax gallery.
    • Follow the link to the designer's home page

      that's in the article and view his gallery instead.
  • Very nice work

    Very nice work, probably lots of hours and talent put into these things, but I see them as not too practical... where does the keyboard and mouse and speakers and scanner and printer go with all of this?
    Paul on the Mesa
    • Good point

      What about the keyboard and the mouse?..
      • RE:what about the keyboard

        I have a custom PC as a media centre PC, let me add nowhere, nowhere as good as his. designs. but is it simple. USB wireless adapters on the inside of the box so it is out of sight. Wireless mouse & keyboad.
  • Attention Time Travelers

    If you are sent on a mission back in time, from the 1930's to the 1960's, and need a computer but do not want the "natives" to recognize it ... this guy can set you up!

    Beautiful hide-in-plain-sight design. Wonder what he could do to disguise a laptop?
  • Hmmmmm....

    Image #5 reminds me of the "Partridge Family" bus. ; )
  • Yawn.

    After the first couple they all start to look the same. Who wants their PC to look like it's made out of wood, anyway? None are as cool as the MorphOS box built into a microwave. ;-)
  • Or just click the link

    To Jeffrey's home page where you can see them all.
    big red one
  • Sliders! :-)

    Some of these would make great movie props for an alternate universe Science Fiction series. Steve Jobs goes Retro? or: Keith Partridge is the Steve Jobs of that universe? :-)
    Paw Angel
  • nice art but poor computer cases

    obviously lacking practicality in a lot of them but that's expected. What is obvious is the lack of RF shielding in a lot of them and very poor thermal dynamics. None of them suitable for a gaming PC or a beast HTPC.