The mystery of Google's barges is revealed

The mystery of Google's barges is revealed

Summary: They are VIP party boats fitted with luxury showrooms.

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The mystery Google barge in San Francisco Bay that’s  stacked high with containers over 4 stories high is an invitation-only “luxury showroom” reports CBS KPIX.

Google’s Secret Revealed: Barge To Offer High-End Showrooms

Google’s mysterious barge in San Francisco Bay will feature luxury showrooms and a party deck  to market Google Glass and other gadgets to invitation-only clients, multiple sources told KPIX 5.

 The project, which has been in the planning stages for more than a year, was created at Google[x], the secret facility that Google reportedly runs near its corporate headquarters in Mountain View. It is personally directed by Google co-founder Sergey Brin and is Google’s attempt to upstage rival Apple and its chain of popular retail stores, sources said.

Really?! Apple stores are gleaming white, glass and metal architectural wonders and they are moored in the best high traffic locations — not high tide locations. They are retail super-sites making more money per square foot than luxury jewelry store Tiffany & Co. 

Google’s barges look like barges, ugly container ships. How will that image sell Google Glass?

Google always consults on its decisions with its store of Big Data. I consulted my data of common sense and it doesn’t work. Waterfront locations are great for sea food restaurants and leaving on a cruise trip but not for buying glasses or smart watches.

Stacks of containers doesn’t say “buy me.” I would only buy Google hardware because it mattered to me and not because I drank a cocktail inside a container barge. And I would buy online and not on water.

Topic: Google

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  • Sounds like

    Sounds like you did not get invited. It will be watching for articles from those that did get invitations.
  • Give this man a job

    Google needs to hire Tom Foremski, he clearly has insight that they are lacking.
  • everyone knows by now that CBS

    is a m$ pawn. And that includes all of the zdnet/cnet publications, computerworld, and many, many more.

    They will print anything anti-google or pro-m$ in return for money that m$ is pumping to keep these very executives in chair, raking in millions of dollars for seat warming.

    When talking/writing about google, they sound like fox news talking heads reporting on Obama !
    • At Least . . .

      . . . Fox News reports on Obama call him to task unlike the others like CBS that never question the path to Socialism that Obama is leading our once great nation to.

      Only time will tell but to me, it's an obamanation of the American way.
      • Really?

        BHO a socialist? Do you even know the definition of the term? Obama? The president that's a best friend to Wall Street? The one that's given our health care over to the insurance and HMO industries and big pharma? The one that's a good friend to fracking and mountaintop removal and the XL pipeline? And best of all - the president that's about to sign our sovereignty over to the "corporatocracy" with the TPP?

        You don't even realize how silly your assertion is. Obama is the EXACT OPPOSITE of a socialist. I WISH he was a socialist. We'd have medicare-for-all, single-payer health care, and those thieving banksters on Wall Street would be prevented from continuing to rifle wealth from the middle class. They might actually even have to answer for their crimes.

        The biggest irony is that you don't even know how much of a better place America would be if Obama really WAS a socialist. Heck. It would be like Sweden!
      • well, their news "reports" would be credible

        if they take the republican party to task as much as they do the democrats. Unfortunately, it sounds like a long, paid campaign for the republican party, like msnbc is for the democrats.

        I agree that all news media should take all politicians to task and question their every move but that is NOT what is happening.
      • Now that is a stupid comment!

        Any sane person can see through Faux "news" to their real agenda.
    • And yet...

      ...they allow you to comment. They even employ SJVN.
      John L. Ries
      • everyone

        has to keep up appearances. Even fox news throws hail mary at obama once in a while.
    • You keep telling yourself that, GrabBoyd

      So you won't have to deal with the truth, that your religion is not the religion of others, and how diminished it makes you feel that others choose a path different then yours.

      It's an easy way for you to deal with failure, to just blame it on make believe forces ayt work against you.
  • You're forgetting other waterways

    A barge can be towed around the US instead of being stuck in one place. There are many waterways (read rivers and lakes) that the barge could tour. There is more than just the East and West coasts to consider.
    • Not terribly efficient for national tours

      It would have to be taken through the Panama Canal to get it past the Rocky Mountains. I'm guessing that it won't be going further afield than Seattle or San Diego, and probably won't be leaving the Bay Area.
      John L. Ries
      • There's reportedly two barges at the present time

        The other one appears to be in Portland, Maine, at the moment. Down the east coat, around Florida to the Gulf of Mexico and up the Mississippi River (and, perhaps, the Ohio and Missouri Rivers).

        Or Google can just have a few more barges built for the Gulf of Mexico, Mississippi (and major tributaries) and the Great Lakes.
        Rabid Howler Monkey
        • That's more sensible

          I'm quite sure that the existing barge is staying in the Pacific.
          John L. Ries
          • Would that include trips to Alaska and Hawaii?

            Hey! They can use the port in Lanai. I'm sure that would make Larry Ellison's day. :)
            Rabid Howler Monkey
  • It isn't a store...

    It's a showroom & party deck, do you even read your own article? You try to compare it to Apple stores, which are stores. These barges are not stores and require an invitation to even attend. Do you need an invitation to an Apple store? No, so not even remotely close to the same things.
    You get paid to write this? And by how many companies?
  • Love boat, exciting and new, come aboard, we're expecting you!

    I am looking forward to the xdnet article that tells me how much better Bing is.
  • Conspiracy I say

    Can anybody say tow out to sea, Googleland anybody.
  • Well, that's one opinion

    Any others?
  • Google has too much money

    When there is extravagance such as these giant barges in the Bay, you know that the company involved has far too much money.

    Google will find itself like other monopolists before it, where it will become fat and lazy. It's not lazy yet, but that will come.