The NBN's upside in Doonside

The NBN's upside in Doonside

Summary: NBN Co connected the first broad-acre development to the National Broadband Network yesterday. Twisted Wire made a visit, as well as eavesdropping on the ACANN annual conference.


NBN Co connected the first broad-acre development to the National Broadband Network yesterday. Twisted Wire made a visit, as well as eavesdropping on the ACCAN annual conference.

McWilliam, Conroy and Husic

David McWilliam, NBN Co new developments operations manager, Stephen Conroy and Ed Husic, member for Chifley, standing beside an NBN Co Fibre Access Node at the Landcom Bunya development in Doonside
(Credit: NBN Co)

From January this year NBN Co has been required to connect fibre to all new housing estates of more than 100 properties. The first to be connected is at Doonside, in Sydney's west. People are yet to move in, but when they do they will be able to buy fibre access to the internet.

Mike Quigley, chief executive of NBN Co, says the company has already received 2200 new development applications, representing over 176,000 premises. The applications continue rolling in, with about 50 new applications each week.

In this edition of Twisted Wire you'll hear Mike Quigley and Communications Minister Senator Stephen Conroy out and about at Doonside, together with Federal Member for Chifley, Ed Husic. Husic says, despite the detractors, there are many people barracking to have their neighbourhood connected to the new network.

You have to hope for their sake, new customers start to spread the good word. As you'll hear, animosity towards the project continues to gain momentum, with the media often circumventing truth in the interest of a good story.

Running time: 24 minutes, 25 seconds

Topics: Broadband, Government AU, Telcos, NBN


Phil Dobbie has a wealth of radio and business experience. He started his career in commercial radio in the UK and, since coming to Australia in 1991, has held senior marketing and management roles with Telstra, OzEmail, the British Tourist Authority and other telecommunications, media, travel and advertising businesses.

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  • You've got to love the Australian's lede on this:

    "AN empty display home in a ghost town housing estate was used to launch the National Broadband Network in Sydney yesterday."

    Oh, so you mean an EMPTY display home - contrasting with all the other display homes in new housing estates that already have people living in them? Grief.

    And "ghost town"? Seriously? So the education of master wordsmith Tim Vollmer left out the detail that a ghost town is a town that USED to have people but is now deserted, leaving only the "ghosts" of those who once were there.

    Not a new development with nothing but vacant blocks and building sites - that people WILL inhabit as soon as houses are built and sold.

    Oh dearie dearie me. Please try harder, Oz.
    • Here's the link (loath that I am to promote their web traffic) - and some more choice quotes below:

      "Meanwhile, across the road, residents said they had been given no timeframe for when they would receive access to the same technology.

      "There were more politicians, staffers and NBN Co workers in Bunya Estate near Doonside in Sydney's west than there were residents for the anticipated launch.

      "Families aren't due to move in until the end of this month and just a handful of homes have been completed."
      [Neighbour] "Why can't they put it in built-up areas? Why does it have to go to an area where no one's living?"

      I'd move to the site, but then I'd have to be her neighbour.
      • Nice one, Gwyntaglaw! :))
      • Added to the Hall of Shame:

        You know what is funny about this is that even Turnbull says new housing estates should get fibre so even with the coalition patchwork plan those on the wrong side of the fence will still be complaining about others getting fibre speeds while they have to put up with something much slower. You can already see that by stopping the NBN rollout can and will create a digital divide. Which has been my point all along; what is the point of hooking up new houses to fibre if there is no intention of ever covering the rest of Australia. According to Turnbull there are no apps that require faster speeds so this fibre in new houses is a waste. The every thing they have been containing about.

        But anyway that is the nature of new housing estates, houses are empty until people move in. No people = no customers. No gas. No electricity. No phone… come to think of it why aren’t these people complaining about the gas and electricity? Oh wait I know because those services are standard and there is no difference in the amount delivered to each home… imagine if broadband were the same way.
        Hubert Cumberdale
    • Yeah - I think some of the BEST publications - allow and indeed promote vigorous discussion (lively all in brawling) in the forums... you tend to learn heaps.

      It's the really **** shitty publications that outright refuse all comments on any subject - that I never read or return too - or they get the lowest of hits.

      It's one thing to spin stories, it's another thing to shove endless steams of bullshit advertising in your face - but to call them on them on their crap by nailing them or putting forward different opinions..

      Oooo can't have that can we. I mean Australian Journalism has a history of alcoholic bullshit artists spinning anything for a quid.

      Especially when it's the likes of The Herald Scum etc.
      Jahm Mittt
    • Anti-NBN or cynical NBN journalism/comments are as healthy those instigated by pro-NBN drones, many of whom are extremely self righteous.
  • Nice one too, the only problem is I also live adjacent to this site, however to push the point considering all of the fud written to the article in the Tele that you have quoted, this is my reply to them that I put on the Tele today.

    "As much as the roll out priorities amuse me sometimes it also amuses me to see the FUDSTERS are out in force again on this forum with uneducated comments about the value of this project, I would suggest that some of them would benefit by doing their own research into the pros and cons of the NBN and come up with their own conclusions rather than the conclusions of the brain dead pap fed by the likes of Alan Jones (lasers will make fibre obsolete), Ray Hadley and Tony (we didnt come up with this idea first so it must be bad) Abbott. People its not just about fast downloads of HD Video or playing games its also about the benefits to business all over the country including regional areas that have lousy or no service at all, its about the health system and education and more importantly its about providing infrastructure for the future that is not fettered by the limititations of such mediums as wireless which can be affected by something as simple as a rainy day. or too many devices logged on to the same wireless cell (try and get a workable connection in Parramatta at peak times). Most importantly its about a system that can adapt to future changes."
    • Good luck getting them to print that one, BoomerMMW! I've given up trying to get comments through on News Ltd sites - they're for having a whinge, not relaying boring old facts.
      • Doesn't look like they did print it. Whatever happened to freedom of expression I wonder.
        • Well I can probably post at the Un-Australian (never tried though) but they (whoever "they" are) won't let me post at Delimiter?
          • Ooh, just snuck a comment in over there, wonder how long it will last, LOL?
    • But admit it ...its mostly about fast downloads, HD Video and playing games.
      Health, education and business are just reinventions.
      • Had to smile. What reinvents itself faster than the internet?

        Ten years ago the gripe would have been "it's mostly about e-mail and web surfing". Video and other high-bandwidth uses came about hand in hand with greater availability of bandwidth. Chicken or the egg? It was both, really.
        • It is amazing and certainly enlightening when you look at the contrast between not needing something and then taking it for granted. About 10 years ago I was suggesting to a certain someone that they should get connected to the internet, I suggested email and paying bills online, the responses were typical and what you would would expect "but I can just send a letter" and "but I dont mind waiting in line" fast forward to 2009 when this same person calls me on the phone for tech support because the internet is down for a few hours (scheduled maintenance, we had the same ISP) said in a later email (that's right not a letter!) the reason for the phone call was because of "my
          frustration with the technology that was supposed to serve me" lol.
          Hubert Cumberdale
          • Hey HC, how are you dude, RS here! Yes I have been forced to change my name again, as a couple of forums just don't like me attacking their sponsor, bread and butter Lib know who I mean.

            It's ok for these usual suspects to have a go at "everyone" but as soon as I hone in on them and them alone and their contradictory lies, well...!

            Regardless, I see Delimiter are looking for a moderator.. I'd suggest you put your hand up and start to clamp down on the usual suspect, morons!

            Mate, you wouldn't believe it... I am able to post on Delimiter, until one of the 3 golden anti-NBN, Lib servants, usual suspect, big mouths posts and then a lovely yellow box appears saying you have been blocked by this site from posting new comments... seriously! I can post until he does and then I am unable to reply to those ****ing lies...LOL!

            Conroy and his filter have nothing on these guys! Good luck, because I see you issued a challenge to elaine and granted you would out debate him no end, but don't bother, you will not be allowed to...!

            Good luck...!
          • lol I was wondering where you went, shame you are no longer allowed to post on Delimiter anymore, I don’t even understand why you were banned.

            As for the mod position there, I thought about it but the task of having to make a thread everyday is not something that I could commit to (I don’t believe in creating artificial discussion for the sake of it either) I'd prefer making them at random intervals as I am doing now so as a volunteer I would be interested in taking it on without the thread making requirement.

            Which challenge are you referring to btw? I ask him so many questions and he dodges them it’s hard to keep up lol.
            Hubert Cumberdale
          • Yes HC, I even returned as Pepe and was being nice to the grubs, but still no good.

            Strangely for someone worth no perceptive skills, old elaine knew too, LOL!

            Just proves he's not a complete idiot, but just a Lib/Telstra stooge, who will argue even when he knows he's wrong to help the party and his own wallet...disgraceful!

            It was most humorous when he inevitably contradicted himself (as he does once per day) and instead of having answering me, he begged RLM... but, but, but RLM, that's RS and he is banned, save me, LOL!
          • So you were Pepe? I honestly had no idea. That's the difference between me and alian, I argue with the positions people have not with people making them and I dont try to silence anyone.
            Hubert Cumberdale
          • Yeah he knows... when it suits and plays dumb (if he's in fact playing) ...LOL!
          • alain has been in spectacularly irrational form today... I seriously worry for his mental state...