The Nest makes tangled earbuds a thing of the past

The Nest makes tangled earbuds a thing of the past

Summary: Never have tangled headphones again. It sounds like an infomercial, but it's the real deal thanks to the Nest.

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If you're looking for a tangle-free solution for storing your earbud-style headphones or earphones, look no further than the Nest. Sure, many companies have claimed that their product offers a hassle free way of storing your earbuds, but in this case, Digital Innovations, LLC really delivers.

The Nest was officially unveiled yesterday and features an all inclusive, single piece of silicon that allows you to store and protect your headphones in seconds.


Notice the earbuds neatly tucked away

I've been using a prototype of the Nest for months now and have to say that it really does deliver on its promise. Before using the Nest I was using Recoil Winders to store my headphones. While the Recoil Winders worked fine, they didn't travel as easily in my pants pocket as I had hoped. In the case of the Nest, it features a silicon enclosure and easily fits in my pants pocket, my shirt pocket, my laptop bag, and just about any other place you can think of.

As I mentioned, I've been using the prototype and it's effortless to use. The company claims that you can just "Flip, Pop, Wrap and Snap", and your headphones are securely stored. I can attest to that, and not only does it work as described, but you can easily unwind the headphones, and they come out untangled, every time.


As for the "Flip, Pop, Wrap and Snap", you "flip" the outer covering so that it exposes what looks like a cord coiler, then you "pop" your earbuds into the Nest portion at the top, "wrap" your earbud cord around the cord coiler portion, and "snap" the exterior around the outside of your earbud cord.



You can watch a video of the Nest in action below to get a better idea--it really does work exactly as demonstrated.

If you're interested in purchasing the Nest, it's currently available at for $9.99. I have to say that for the price, it's 100 percent worth it. I'm even thinking of picking up another one for my wife, since she tends to leave her earbuds lying around her car, and when we go to use them, they're a tangled mess.

Topics: iPhone, Android, Hardware

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  • you were right

    You were right - this does read like an infomercial. This is not the first device to store earbuds....
    • The Nest, Digital Innovations

      Indeed, there are other options out there. Digital Innovations even launched another solution a few years back. After checking the current solutions offered in the space, we felt like all products fell short on the main issues we had identified after talking to consumers: easy to use, keep cables tangle-free, protect the earbuds at all time, make a flexible product that would fit anywhere, including a pocket. We believe the Nest fits the bill.

      Digital Innovations
  • Ten bucks?

    Sounds like a good idea, but way out of the price point for such a gizmo. They would do better to strike deals with the manufacturers to include it in with the headphones. For years I used an old wind-up case that came with a pair of Sony headphones. It's outlasted four pairs so far, and it didn't cost a dime extra.

    Now my favorite pair of headphones has a flat cable that is much less prone to tangling, I store it in a little flat pouch the size of a box of matches. As long as I don't try to "wind" it up, it pops out untangled and ready to go. There are several brands now using flat cables and I heartily recommend them.
    terry flores
  • do this for free with your fingers
    • The Nest

      It works OK, the cables don't really like loops and knots though, and they will get damaged over time (loss of sound on one side of the buds is a usual outcome). The buds are also not protected if kept in a bag or pocket.

      Digital Innovations
  • tangled cables while exercising

    Although this product looks like one of the nicer products for storing earphones to stop the cables getting tangled while in storage, it doesn't address earphone cables getting tangled (and pulling out of ears) while in use. Something like CableBuds ( would compliment this well.