The new, new, new AT&T

The new, new, new AT&T

Summary: This afternoon I caught up with the local arm of arguably the world's largest telco, AT&T. Hold on, you say -- didn't the American government break up AT&T back in the 1980s in an attempt to promote competition in the country's telecommunications sector?

TOPICS: Telcos, AT&T

This afternoon I caught up with the local arm of arguably the world's largest telco, AT&T.

Hold on, you say -- didn't the American government break up AT&T back in the 1980s in an attempt to promote competition in the country's telecommunications sector?

Yes, yes it did. However, as American comedian Stephen Colbert points out in an amusing video clip (below) screened by AT&T at today's briefing, the telco is like the T1000 in Terminator 2: Judgement Day.

"No matter how many pieces you break it into, it always comes back together," says Colbert.

"As you no doubt remember, Cingular was co-owned by BellSouth and SBC, which had been SouthWestern Bell and Ameritech, which before that had been Illinois Bell, Wisconsin Bell, Michigan Bell, Ohio Bell, and Indiana Bell."

"All of those used to be AT&T," he adds.

"A couple of years ago Cingular bought AT&T Wireless and renamed it Cingular, but then SBC bought AT&T and changed its own name to AT&T. Then that new AT&T bought BellSouth, changing its name to AT&T, making it only logical to change Cingular into AT&T."

Sidenote: why could I find this video on Google Video but not on YouTube? Aren't they owned by the same company? Oh well...

Topics: Telcos, AT&T

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  • the new at&t

    they are the most incompetent people to get info ever. It is a joke how much they are charging for phone service and they still will not have anyone help with a computer problem because in my opinion they want to take an extra $3.95 to pay your phone bill that is priced too high to begin with. Their promise of having so many services saving you money is a joke. I have a cell phone, home phone and satelitte. When I ask if I could get the discount I was told no. Hello, why advertise such if it isn't true. The fcc should investigate these promises to people like me who can prove that even on the net they promise to combine three and pay one low price. It is not true. If you ask their reprets any any event. They did not even mail me a bill for two months then added extra charges because I had moved on the day the bill was written and now I have to pay the extra late fees, so called extra tacked on junk charges. I am furious. I was on the hpone for at least 45 minutes being told hold while I transfer you and each time the person said this is not my job. Hello, someone needs to know their job.
  • AT&T Is Totally Broken

    Incompetent people/company is too soft of a word to use. There is no word to discribe how bad this company really is. One person wrote about spending 45 minutes on the phone trying to solve a problem, how about over 34 hours over a three month period, and three lost days of work.
    Attempting to add my step son and his wife to our "family plan", the new AT&T added over $200 of extras to all four phones that were neither asked for or even mentioned during the order, AND they sent and charged for extra equipment tht was not ordered. Normal bill with the so-called "bundle" - $185, add two family plan phones for $10 a month each plus taxesn next bill $587. No customer service rep or service rep manager could explain the bill to me. My final question to them was "Exactly what do I owe you today?" I was told $247 and immediately EFT them that amount. Next bill was $727, I went ballistic. I had returned the extra equipment, at my cost, called and spent five hours trying to get an explanation. Not only did they not remove the added services, but was told by both a trained customer service rep and his manager, that someone had added $200 to the account , but could not explain why. Serveral more phone calls and hours, I could not get an answer, but each time I would ask the same question, how much do I owe you today and the amount was immediately sent. As I was told by the manager's boss, the bill comes from the wireless division and when bundled with other services, the money is divided up. I was actually told that the worst thing I could have done was bundle the services. This boss, Tanya Taylor, said that AT&T did not know where the payments went to or how the money got to the other services. She gave me her direct line, joke! Try to call back to someone's direct line and their mailbox is full for over a week. At that time I called the other services and had my land line, and internet service disconnected, of course not without a fight. Do not get a bill for over month, so I take it upon myself to call, get an amount and pay. Now, over two and a half months without a bill, but serveral phone calls from AT&T threatening to cut our cell service if we don't pay over $500, my wife begged them not to and sent them our last dollar from our checking account which at that time was only $200 over the phone. More phone calls to supervisor's supervisors, Mac Lawson and Tom Clarke the "Executive Escalation Response Case Manager", each leaving a phone number that they will not answer because they work different hours than my wife and myself.
    I could go on forever, but what good would it do, I think you get the picture. But one last kicker, I had my landline disconneted over two months ago and am still being billed, although I do not even have the same phone number.
    Yes, I am writing the FCC and so should everyone else that has this so called service. Also post your blog on every site that you can find, just cut and paste. Hope some people get this. Thank you for reading.