The news is not free – 33 reporters killed this year

The news is not free – 33 reporters killed this year

Summary: Last year 88 journalists were killed...

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In the tech industry, there is little understanding of news and how it becomes news: Software engineers see a mass of free news for the taking and for building highly valued news aggregation businesses such as Flipboard.

The price of all this free news?

Sarah Morrison reports that the Committee to Protect Journalists has counted 1,000 journalists killed at work since 1992 — the latest is Mick Deane, cameraman with Sky News and the father of two children. He was one of three journalists killed in Egypt this week.

Wednesday also marked the anniversary of freelance reporter Austin Tice's disappearance in Syria. Tice, who turned 32 on Sunday, is believed to have been detained by the Syrian government on August 14, 2012. Another freelance American journalist, James Foley, disappeared in Syria on November 22, 2012.

So far this year, 33 journalists have been killed. Last year was the bloodiest year since Reporters Without Borders started counting, with 88 killed.

They might have been "killing it" at work, but thankfully, no Rails coders were killed for simply doing their job this year.

The news is not free.

Topic: Emerging Tech

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  • Who Is A "Reporter" Or "Journalist"?

    Do you have to have some special degree or accreditation in order to count as a "journalist"? What about ordinary bloggers in repressive nations, who risk their own safety (and that of their families) in order to report happenings in their area? They get imprisoned, tortured and killed, too. Do we count their numbers as well? Do we question whether their reports should be "free" as well?
  • They made a choice to go into harm's way

    And this is what happens sometimes. You can't expect bullets to stop in mid-air just because a *'journalist'*happens to stand in the way.