The reality of data-roaming pricing

The reality of data-roaming pricing

Summary: ZDNet UK takes a look at what our readers tell us they are paying to use data abroad, per megabyte and per month, and how they feel about those costs


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  • Data-roaming bills in UK

    British respondents to the survey said they had received some very costly bills.

    Although the largest proportion said their highest data-roaming bill came to less than £50, around 100 said their most expensive bill was between £50-£200, and 67 had a bill that was in excess of £200.

    The highest monthly charge quoted by a UK reader was an eye-watering £2,400.

    Credit: ZDNet UK

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  • Data-roaming rates

    People in the UK's reports of how much they get charged per megabyte inside and outside Europe suggest that the European Commission's wholesale caps are having some effect.

    Within Europe, most Brits appear to pay £4 or less per megabyte. Outside the EU, the majority get charged between £6 and £8 per megabyte. However, these figures come only from readers who know how much their operators charged: a little more than half of those surveyed had no idea what the rates are.

    Credit: ZDNet UK

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  • Data-roaming prices too high

    Readers clearly did not think data-roaming charges were at all justified.

    Worldwide, 96 percent believe the prices were either "too high" or "much too high". The figure was only slightly lower for UK respondents.

    Credit: ZDNet UK

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