The Sol Trujillo report card

The Sol Trujillo report card

Summary: Sol Trujillo is leaving Telstra at the end of the tax year. So what is his legacy? On this week's Twisted Wire we give the report card on his performance at Telstra and look at some of his recent overseas history as well.

TOPICS: Telcos, Telstra

Sol Trujillo is leaving Telstra at the end of the tax year. So what is his legacy? On this week's Twisted Wire we give the report card on his performance at Telstra and look at some of his recent overseas history as well.

Was he here for the money or did he have a passion for making Telstra succeed? Could he have played government relations better or was his approach right for shareholders? What have been his successes and failures? And who is going to replace him?

Phil Dobbie gets views from across the industry and interested parties including:

How do you think he did? Add your comments below.

Phil Dobbie is a broadcaster and businessman with more than 15 years commercial experience across the telecommunications, internet, tourism, advertising and radio industries. Dobbie also provides a daily podcast for our sister site Join him for BTalk Australia, where he provides a lively and insightful view on business issues, adding his blend of irony and humour to the discussions.

Topics: Telcos, Telstra


Phil Dobbie has a wealth of radio and business experience. He started his career in commercial radio in the UK and, since coming to Australia in 1991, has held senior marketing and management roles with Telstra, OzEmail, the British Tourist Authority and other telecommunications, media, travel and advertising businesses.

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  • Social Media

    Some wise spark is taking the Fake Conroy idea to Sol!
  • Sol's legacy

    The share price is his legacy, lower than when he started.

    I'd be interested to see the full extent of capitol commitments and services contracts to US based organisations (especially where Sol has an interest)
  • @ Sol's legacy

    Davo not only are the shares lower than when Sol started they are lower than they have ever been.

    Today they closed at $2.96 their lowest close ever and they went to an intraday low of $2.93, their lowest price ever.

    T1 in total was $3.30
    T2 $7.40
    T3 $3.60

    For retail investors.

    Sol took over when they were around $5, from memory.

    So although all, well most, shares are down, most also skyrocketed first, but not Telstra ($8.27 their highest, I believe, soon after T2). So apart from the div, Telstra has been an absolute investment disaster, for such a claimed blue chip company.

    But before all the fanbois start with the excuses, I'm thinking they can't go too much lower, maybe a buy, soon?
  • Steven Mayne's comment

    Hi Phil.

    I did not agree with your wrap of the first guest's comments. i thought I heard Steven Mayne say that Sol made good on the Next G network but missed the main game.

    Telstra's unique asset is the copper core and this had been allowed to idly deteriorate these past four years when it should have been an expansionary gold mine.

    Andrew Cox
  • Jason, you surprise me

    I was thinking of saying the same thing about Telstra's horrid share price.

    I'll simply add that Telstra are getting ripe for a hostile takeover bid, maybe from Optus, iiNet or whoever. I bet the thought of that makes Sydney Lawrence fall out of bed or choke on his Weetbix.
  • @Jason

    Always told you Im NOT a Telstra fanboi, my friend - believe it or not.

    Although you do know, that if you and I buy TLS shares, we may have to become fanbois, lol!
  • Post script Mel

    and friends, arrrggghhhh, lol.
  • copper expansion...?

    What's the point in spending money on something you'll have to then share with your competitiors at ans ACCC set price, most likely below what it costs you...?
  • Telstra makes a killing on wholesale and retail

    There is no evidence to suggest that Telstra loses out on ACCC-set pricing.
  • Killing?

    There is little evidence to suggest they lose out.

    But there is just as little evidence to suggest they don't, lose out!

    Since you have conclusive evidence proving they make a killing, please supply and show us all!

    Thanks, I wait with great interest.
  • Sol & Telstra

    Country guy, Telecom/Telstra since I can remember! Copper network left to rot.and a wireless network that only pointed at high rev streams! we miss out 98.9% of the time! country people are not going to change phone comps much if they have a "reasonable" deal!!! we DONT have any choice! Telstra is it! we have to pay it price, such it up! not fair a say Sol spat on primary producers and if him and his exces took a 50% bonus cut and stayed ten years could have had a national system that was the envy of the world! and a share price of ten or more $ they still would have got his millions narr! he went money, money, money! GIVE US COMPETITION!
  • Say no for telstra

    Always told you Im NOT a Telstra lover, from the very beginning of my life

    jaeny dy
  • Sol Report Card - Prior to Telstra

    Didn't he get the Sack from BELL in the US some 12 years ago? I believe this was a result of him not building public confidence that the brand has a product differentiator from the competition. I believe back then he spent all his time and money on trying to protect his BELL telco revenue by not allowing competition into his market. Is there a similarity there to Telstra?
    You would hope that he would have learned from that mistake or on the other hand, maybe that’s what the board wanted from someone. An arrogant and unimaginative CEO. What Telstra needed was the opposite with someone that recognises that product innovation and infrastructure investment proves a better long term strategy than just sitting back on what you have and hoping that old infrastructure doesn’t fall apart. Net/Net on costs , what he spent on legal and lobbying he could have invested in R&D and we would all be better off, customers and shareholders.
    As a final note;Dont invest with Target if you have shares on Wall Street and if he gets re-elected. He will now have much more time on his hands to ensure that Target becomes another of his failures.
  • Sydney Lawrence

    Sydney Lawrence seems to have disappeared at the same time as Phil Burgess. The most amusing thing about Sydney's comments was that he unwittingly exposed the hypocrisy of the Telstra propoganda machine for all to see. His was a futile battle waged between a desperate shareholder and those espousing the national interest. Nonetheless, all shareholders of this Company have my sincere sympathy