The strange, odd and bizarre world of USB sticks

The strange, odd and bizarre world of USB sticks

Summary: USB sticks aren't all just about additional storage -- there are some strange novelty options out there.

TOPICS: Storage

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  • Chewbacca

    A gift for a Star Wars fan maybe?

    Via: Mimoco

  • Finger shaped USB Flash drive

    This finger shaped USB device plays on the phrase 'thumb drive' -- and it's every bit as ugly as you can imagine. The USB drive is available in versions from 4GB to 64GB.

    Via: Amazon

  • USB digital speaking Bible

    This plug-and-play USB drive is a modern way to read the Bible. Available in Spanish and English, the gadget allows you to either listen to or read the book on your PC -- but is not compatible with Mac systems. 

    Via: Amazon

Topic: Storage

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  • Number two would be perfect

    for archiving your Ice Cream Sandwich Android OS when you upgrade to Jelly Bean!
  • Wow.

    I had a Star Trek one three years ago. Did the job.

    It really is neither new or exciting ... so why are you promoting one overpriced memory stick when there are so many overpriced memory sticks out there?

    Quiet news day? Or woken from a 40 year coma?
    • Chill

      Dude, relax. It's a somewhat light and amusing topic for a slideshow. Were you expecting something else when you clicked this link, or do you just like to complain?
  • thumb drive lol

    i've seen the "thumb drive" one on ebay, they're pretty funny but were really overpriced for what they are, just looked now and they are much cheaper. though when you put in "thumb drive" you get results for everything else!
    • be nice...

      there's many I hadn't seen before... liked the post... gotta have some levity too
  • Styles

    The ones that catch my eye are the steampunk drives. Someone should start producing commercial ones. Due to materials though, they can be expensive.
    Brian Schrader
  • It figures

    "...allows you to either listen to or read the [Bible] on your PC -- but is not compatible with Mac systems."

    That's because Apple is the Anti-Christ.
  • The most often seen hand gesture

    the one with the extended middle finger is missing.
  • Why not 3D print one?

    Manufacturers should provide a sleeve template for a 3D printer so we can design a USB Flash drive sleeve that will fit over a specific model of flash drive. Then we can design our own thumb drives!
    How about a flash drive that has our own head on it in 3D? Then everyone will know who it belongs to!
  • Best invention I ever saw.........

    .........was a USB stick - bottle opener - genius
  • Actually........

    ...... a USB stick / bottle opener / keyfob - you're never without it - perfect gift.
  • What

    No Hello Kitty USB stick?