The Swedish datacentre with a bunker mentality

The Swedish datacentre with a bunker mentality

Summary: Swedish internet service provider Bahnhof has converted a nuclear bunker 100 feet below the centre of Stockholm into a futuristic datacentre

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  • A hundred feet under the centre of Stockholm, a few favoured IT staff work in what could be the world's most futuristic datacentre.

    The underground facility, with tropical plants, a waterfall and craggy granite walls, has been built in a former bunker designed to survive a near miss by a nuclear bomb. It would suit a supervillain, but is in fact a co-location facility for Swedish internet service provider Bahnhof, and was deliberately designed to look like a Ken Adams film set for a James Bond movie.

  • "We get in through a long tunnel from the street, protected by blast doors," Bahnhof chief executive Jon Karlung told ZDNet UK.

    The tunnel surfaces at 37 Renstiernas Street in Stockholm. It was begun in 1943 and extended during the Cold War to became a civil-defence bunker, stocked with provisions and emergency vehicles. Key staff could survive a nuclear war there, and emerge to rebuild the city.

    "The cave was owned by the fire department," Albert France-Lanord, the architect behind the bunker's conversion to a datacentre, told ZDNet UK. "In the '90s, it was used for raves, galleries and an 'underground' theatre scene."

    The datacentre is called 'Pionen' ('Peonies' in English), its code name from when it was part of Stockholm's civil-defence system.

Topic: Servers

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  • If they want to expand to the UK...

    ... there's a nuclear bunker for sale in Hampshire,1000000567,10009917o-2000469549b,00.htm