The top professional gift and gadget ideas this year [Gift Guide 2013]

The top professional gift and gadget ideas this year [Gift Guide 2013]

Summary: What gifts and gadgets make great gifts for the professional in your life this year?

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  • Roku 3 HD Streaming Player

    Gift: Roku 3 HD Streaming Player

    Price: $160

    When the professional in your life gets home and wants to put their feet up, perhaps an HD Streaming Player from Roku would be a gift to be appreciated. The device streams video in 1080p HD resolution, and is able to show you over 450 channels ranging from popular television channels to music and sports -- streaming media from placed including Netflix, BBC iPlayer and Spotify. The Roku 3 is also equipped with ethernet and USB ports. If you don't want to disturb someone at night, you can plug headphones in to the device's Wi-Fi remote. 

    Via: Amazon

    Image creditRoku

  • Ooma

    Gift: Ooma

    Price: $209.98

    A smart phone manufactured by Ooma is a modern take on the traditional home line -- once you have bought the Ooma Telo and handset, you can make free calls, set up voicemail, caller-ID, call-waiting, 999 service and a call log -- all supplied through the Web. 

    After connecting the device to your Wi-Fi and landline, you can either transfer your current number or request a new one. 

    Via: Ooma

    Image creditOoma

  • A smartwatch

    Gift: A smartwatch

    Price: $300 (approx)

    If you want to connect smartphone capabilities to your wrist, a smartwatch might be the next gadget to buy this year. As the smartphone and tablet industry becomes saturated, a number of well-known firms have begun exploring the possibilities of wearable technology -- and the 'smartwatch' is the result. 

    Several firms have already released watches on to the marketplace, including Samsung's Galaxy Gear for $300, and Qualcomm's Tog.  

    Via: ZDNet

    Image credit: Qualcomm

Topic: Tech Industry

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