The top ten scams to watch out for this Christmas

The top ten scams to watch out for this Christmas

Summary: On the fifth day of Christmas, my true love gave to me, an app which stole my identity.


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  • The top scams in the 2013 holiday season

    Online threats are part-and-parcel of life on the Web -- but the end of the year proves to be a lucrative time to give cybercriminals the gift of your bank details or personal data.

    As the holiday season comes in to full swing, more consumers use online banking and retail sites to complete their Christmas shopping. However, consumers are often duped by a number of tactics employed by criminals to profit from a lack of security awareness.

    From fake charity campaigns to emailed shipping notifications, the ways that criminals attempt to steal your data are varied, creative and widespread. It's not easy to remain vigilant all of the time, but for some tips and advice on what to look out for, check out this gallery of the top ten scams this holiday season. 

  • 1. Mobile apps lacking Christmas cheer:

    Due to the explosion in popularity for mobile devices, cybercriminals are now the creators of legitimate-looking apps that feature holiday shopping deals, celebrity endorsements and time-sensitive offers. However, these often-free applications, once downloaded to your smartphone or tablet, may steal or modify your data. Malicious apps may intercept your communication, steal your banking data, and may forward you to premium services. In addition, an app may bypass authentication systems by asking for a code to be sent to your mobile device.

    How to stay safe: Review applications before downloading. In particular, check out its star rating, and what others have said about the software.

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Topics: Security, Malware, Mobility

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  • Another Slideshow??? Boo!!! Hiss!!!

    ZDNet, come on, listen to the growing complaints by your readers. Many of us are reading these articles on browsers that don't easily handle your slideshows. Next time you have another Top 10 list, please give your audience a break and put the entire article on one page, not eleven. Thank you!!!
    • Not all in one article viewable without clicking a graphic - RIDICULOUS!

      I agree, after the 3rd click and waiting for the graphic to download just to read the text underneath is completely ridiculous. If the info is "so pertinent" to keep us apprised and safe, it should ALL be readily available and readable in a TEXT ONLY format that ANY browser could handle with ease. As it is, I quit after the 3rd graphic and having to wait to scroll down to read info that should have been available on ONE PAGE where it could easily be navigated and read!
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    • Reason behind slideshow

      The reason why they will probably never listen to complaints such as these is that the slideshows produce more page views therefore more money from adverts.
      Despicable Andrew
  • More Scams

    As Christmas is coming I would like this opportunity to say to Miss. Donna Gwen on behalf of that I do not want the "fund which is to the tune of $3.5,000,000,00 Million us dollars due to past corrupt Governmental Officials" that you believe I'm owed.
    Also phons4U I will declining your offer of "So, just in time for Christmas, we’d like to offer you the chance to win one of five £100 Amazon gift vouchers by telling us a little about yourself*."

    And GOVERNOR SANUSI LAMIDO of CENTRAL BANK OF NIGERIA, can keep the US$1.5 million entitlement of mine.

    I also do not accept e-cards, or any unsolicited products, or information about them.
    I know that may seem anti-social but that is how I am, anti-social.

    Have a happy scam-season.
    • Agreed

      And tell all the scamming morons that sending me info that I have to send info to reactivate all those bank accounts that are under lockdown, well good luck with that. Every single bank account info you ask me for, I DO NOT even have accounts with. Nor would ANY bank I ever deal with ever send such info or requirements in an e-mail. Scumbags of the Earth, should be a way to eliminate them off the face of the planet for the vermin they are.
      Cataptra LeMagicka
  • Merry Holidays !!

    Slide Shows & multiple page articles without a prominent 'View as one Page' option are totally unacceptable. These formats are the bane of Techs everywhere. Do not allow your editors to Bully You on this. It is your journalistic career that they are destroying while fattening their greedy little pockets and egos. Yes, the Grinch is with them.
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    Don't waste my time!
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    the slide show.
    takes 3 long
  • Articles Delivered as a Slideshow?!

    Seriously?! This has got to be the worst method for delivering an article since the early days of Macromedia Flash delivered websites. This not only does the reader a disservice by making them click through a slideshow to read the thing in its entirety, but it does the author a disservice by limiting his/her audience to those who will spend the time and energy to click through the darn thing to read it.
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    Yo! Hey! ZD? Are you listening (reading)? Take due notice that no one is commenting about the posted article. They ALL have a problem with your slothful time consuming format/page layout. It is not worth anyone's valuable time to surf (slog) through your frustrating slideshows, especially since many have switched to tablets and smartphones. WAKE UP ZD!!!

    Smell the coffee. Avoid the Kool-Aid!!
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