The UE Boom tops the portable speaker market (review)

The UE Boom tops the portable speaker market (review)

Summary: Ultimate Ears knows audio and their latest UE Boom product rocks the portable market with fantastic features, long battery life, and advanced pairing functionality.


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Topics: Mobility, Smartphones, Tablets

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  • Shouldn't a speaker review mention sound quality?

    How do these sound? What bluetooth technology do they use? I am sure the app is cool with reporting battery level etc... but its a speaker, the primary function is to reproduce sound.
  • Try the JBL Charge and decide which is the best for yourself

    I think your title is a little misleading given that the sample of speakers reviewed is quite limited and there is an obvious omission of several key brands and models. Anyone who is serious about comparing the best the market has to offer should include the JBL Charge. Not only does it have incredible sound via Bluetooth streaming but it also enables you to charge your portable device via USB. If sound quality is important to you as it is to me then audition the JBL Charge and draw your own conclusions.
    • JBL

      JBL did a great job with the Charge Bluetooth. The reason Logitech does tower over it is because of the pairing though. Jbl sound quality is fantastic, but alone, it can only do so much. The UE BOOM really does carry in sound quality, I have one and about to purchase another for the pairing feature. JBL should be held over Jawbone and definitely Beats, but I don't think it has the power and functionality of the Boom.