The world (sadly) continues to wait for the next iPad mini

The world (sadly) continues to wait for the next iPad mini

Summary: Basically my sob story about my endless, foolhardy wait for the iPad mini 2.


Now that the iPhone 5 release of the year is out of the way, the rumor mill has turned things up a notch for the iPad mini.

Reports had been circulating that Apple would be following up with a long-awaited unveiling for the next generation of its sized down iOS tablet at some point in late October.

Many more news reports have revealed that there have been supply chain problems -- namely getting that trademark Retina display from the iPhone and larger iPad series ready for the 7.9-inch version.

Based on a new report from Reuters on Wednesday, that still appears to be the roadblock.

According to the international news agency, Cupertino is only going to be able to squeeze out a smaller supply of second generation iPad minis this year -- if at all. The article also hinted that we could still see at least an introduction before the end of the month.

And there really in lies the problem: that little glimmer of wiggle room, leaving the door open just ajar that we could possibly, maybe, probably (not really) still see an iPad mini 2 soon.

I would say I've had it with Apple at this point, but like in most one-sided (maybe even poisonous) relationships, I refuse to give up hope.

Some may say I'm stubborn. I would prefer to describe myself as a hopeless romantic. (We are talking about tablets here, right?)

Let me clarify my train of thought here.

Back when Apple first trotted out the iPad mini this time last year, the tech giant also shocked everyone with a surprise upgrade for the flagship iPad form factor -- just a mere six months after it had already been refreshed.

That immediately led to widespread speculation that Apple was speeding up its upgrade cycles, perhaps churning out two generations per year rather than just one.

How daft we all were for thinking (let's be honest, hoping) that was the case.

At the time, I wasn't in the market for buying a new tablet. To be even more blunt, I wasn't impressed by the iPad mini either. The $300+ starting price looked a tad outrageous compared to what we were seeing from Amazon and Google for similarly sized tablets. After beholding the beauty of the Retina display embedded on the iPhone 4 and higher, then tacked onto the iPad 4, the iPad mini's lackluster display almost came across as blurry in comparison.

I've never been a big fan of first generation Apple products either, dating back to the iPod mini released in 2004. Certainly, they usually look attractive and make a big splash, but performance doesn't usually match up until the second go-around.

But the form factor really got me. I've written about how smaller tablets are more warmly embraced by female consumers for a variety of reasons, but immediately I believed Apple had really hit a sweet spot with the 7.9-inch form factor.

That answer might not satisfy a lot of other analysts and critics who are probably shaking their heads at me when reading this.

Obviously I know there are just as good (already even better) as well as more affordable options on the market. Just last week I was even treated to a hands-on look at the Amazon Kindle Fire HDX with the man himself, CEO Jeff Bezos, at the retail giant's Seattle headquarters. The Android-based tablet's incredibly vivid display was the first piece of hardware in awhile that really made my jaw drop in awe.

Yet I won't hide the fact that I do have a particular affinity for the sleek and modern design synonymous with the Apple brand -- not to mention I've already bought into the ecosystem with an iPhone 5, a MacBook Air, and a good deal of digital content already purchased on iTunes.

Let's face it: My heart (and my wallet) remains with Apple for the foreseeable future.

Thus, I figured if I was going to splash that much cash down for a new tablet, then I could definitely wait six more months for the next upgrade, pretty much irrationally expecting the Retina display and other improvements for the same $329 price tag.

Fast forward to 12 months later, and now I'm just a pathetic mess, still holding out on a promise that was really made by no one that my wish would be fulfilled in a timely matter.

(Again, we are talking about tablets here, right?)

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  • Come on

    I understand that nothing beats Apple design, but all iPads are basically very similar, I'm sure current mini will be fashionable enough.
    And while I understand that to be in fashion is cool, and with girls even more, but an iPad mini or an iPad "large" is not able to make a girl sexier than toe polish under overshoes.
  • "The world (sadly) continues to wait for the next iPad mini"

    No we don't.
    • True for many of us.

      I'm not waiting on an iPad Mini, but I am waiting on Apple to stop sitting on their arses and actually boost their hardware feature set to catch up with other modern devices.

      Best line in the article that made me laugh:
      "like in most one-sided (maybe even poisonous) relationships,..."

      Yeah, that sums up how I'm feeling about Apple these days. LOL

      Like Rachel, I feel trapped into buying inferior devices because of an extensive investment in add on products, media, and ecosystem. Instead of accepting their mediocre upgrades, I've chosen not to buy at all. Since the past two versions of the iPhone have been only marginally better than my 4S, I'm not buying anything from Apple until there is a substantial improvement in the hardware. I hope the 6 is better than the boring 5S.

      Hey Apple, Retina was good 3 years ago, but stinks compared to many others now. Full 1920x1080 on a 5 inch display has been done by others. Why are you having so much trouble keeping up? Where is our 8 megapixel front facing camera with flash? The front camera should be just as good as the back camera by now. Both of yours could use improvement. And for Pete's sake, fix the anorexic font you're using on a bright white background. It has horrible readability.
      • So Funny

        When Apple came out with their "Retina" display many people said it wasn't really needed or necessary. Now that other devices have higher resolution, suddenly it has become a holy grail.

        I have a feeling the same thing is going on with laptops. Apple's Retina display laptops are poo-poo'ed until a competitor comes out with higher res, then all of a sudden Apple will be behind.
        • Well...understand the dynamic here, please.

          If firstly there are people out there who make a big deal about something like retina display, making claims that it really is important and its a genuinely worthwhile feature worthy of considerable concern, then over time its matched and usurped by numerous others....well.

          Its more of a response to those, like those who are from Apple or are Apple enthusiasts who bragged at the time retina display first came out, just to say that if this once was such a great selling point as you said it was, it no longer is.

          What have you done for me lately?

          That's all. If it was truly needed or not at the time is hardly the issue any more. Like anything, if you sell a car that's the first one that can do 100mph, some will say, its not necessary. Others will say its a great new feature.

          Either way, once all cars can do at least 100mph, and some even more, the issue then simply becomes, if 100mph was a great feature its uniqueness is long gone and its no longer a selling point, its just status quo.
          • It's the "inferior" label

            I don't mind when people bragg up the higher resolution displays of other devices, it is the trollish "inferior" label as if that is the end all feature that only matters. Is it possible that after hitting a certain point the value of higher resolution is of less importance?
  • The Whole World?

    Is the world really sadly waiting for a new iPad Mini? I don't think so. Retina Display.... it is just a trademark for any display used by Apple. The display on the new Fire HXD is much better than "Retina Display". Why wait for a iPad Mini when you can get a superior device for likely half the price?
    Thomas Kolakowski
    • If you're buying

      based only on tech specs. People in the real world don't do that. I'm happy with both my iPad mini and Fire HD, and I don't need bragging points that wear down the batteries faster.
  • The world (sadly) continues to wait for their next meal

    and you're worried about Apple not having a refresh out in 6 months?
    • You should immediately sell your second car, downgrade your house

      get rid of your big screen television and your computers, cancel your internet and give the money to a foodbank to feed the hungry.
      • Not what I was saying

        Just pointing out that it's not the end of the world if that luxury item your craving takes it's time getting here.
        • Yeah, I know what you were saying. You were trying to lay

          a guilt trip. It's a stupid argument, because I can guarantee that in the last month you have lamented at least once about wishing something that was not your next meal (like the next season of Breaking Bad) wasn't so far in the future.

          The blog author was in no way comparing her having to wait for an iPad mini with someone wondering where their next meal was. It was your self-loathing that felt the need to draw that moral equivalence.
      • so do you

        Ram U
  • Oh Rachel, Rachel wherefore art thou Rachel

    Sadly lost in the romantic embrace-less powers of iPad Mini phantom ware.

    Dear girl, Apple is not yet done milking the last profits from the original mini. When that has occurred they will find it in their hearts to recycle the build with the eye candy err eye catching retina screen for yet another round of profit taking and consumer exploitation.

    There may be hope for you in the new 12 step program offered by the branch of AA specifically for Apple addicts in their charter chapter of Appleholics Anonymous.

  • When did zdnet become a diary

    For depressed delusional Apple fans.

    Most of the world couldn't care less if/when a "new" ipad mini comes out.
  • iPad mini will be beautiful

    It will be beautiful, revolutionary and plastic. Its fantastic!
    • And in 6 or 7 different colors!

      It'll be the iPad mini C
      • If that's the plan

        then we'll see the iPad Mini C and the iPad Mini 2S turbo-super-duper-WHOOOO!!

        One will be a rehash of last year and the other will bring new features to the mobile space along with "new" features to the mobile space.
    • Errr?

  • Wanted to take you for a dope?

    Seems to me they hoped to get away with an incremental CPU upgrade low resolution new Mini.

    Apple panic at being clearly outshone may mean they release 2 new Mini's. The expensive Retina Mini will now be an exclusive mega expensive model, being late to the factory production party.