The world's most expensive geeky gifts and gadgets

The world's most expensive geeky gifts and gadgets

Summary: Have deep pockets? Perhaps a few of these gifts will tempt you. Jeweled USB or batcave, anyone?

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  • Swiss jewelry maker La Maison Shawish has turned data storage into a fashion statement -- creating diamond-encrusted mushrooms with USB ports hidden inside.  

    The USB drives in the collection hold up to 32GB of data. 

    Depending on the stones used, the price range goes from $16,500 to $36,900. The cheapest pink mushroom is covered in pink sapphires and white diamonds, a red version studded with rubies is the middle tier at $24,400, and the most expensive is decorated with emeralds. 


  • Owning your own yacht may be one of the peaks of indulgence, but Yacht Island Design Co. takes it one step further. 

    The 295-foot Tropical Island Paradise yacht has a top speed of 10 knots, and although it can only accomodate ten people, comes with a waterfall,  volcano, swimming pool and beach 'cove'. In addition, the yacht has a bar area, VIP rooms with balconies, a private spa and a helicopter landing pad.

    The design is currently a concept, but landing on the heels of the gold-plated History Supreme yacht -- which cost $4.8 billion -- you can't expect this to come cheap.

  • How about a pair of speakers cast in metal for a better audio experience?

    D&W's Aural Pleasure Loudspeakers are limited edition and inspired by London's Big Ben. 

    For better amplification, the speakers are cast in bronze, silver or 18ct gold. The specifications are:

    • Sensitivity 97db 1w@1mtr
    • Impedance 5 Ohms
    • Frequency range 47Hz- 37Khz +\-4db & 39Hz-47Khz +\- 10db

    Willing to splash out? The bronze will set you back £40,000 ($64,000), the silver cost £200,000 ($322,000), and the gold are a bargain at $3,000,000 ($4.8m).

Topic: Tech Industry

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