The world's most expensive geeky gifts and gadgets

The world's most expensive geeky gifts and gadgets

Summary: Have deep pockets? Perhaps a few of these gifts will tempt you. Jeweled USB or batcave, anyone?

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  • What better way to protect an expensive gadget than with a far more expensive sleeve?

    Designed by the Dutch laptop sleeve company CoverBee, this laptop sleeve is covered in over 8,800 round-cut diamonds.

    The opening is trimmed in black sable fur. -- noted by the designers to come only from animals that "died of natural causes". 

    This retails for the bargain price of $11,000,000. 

  • The world's tallest iPod docking station has been designed by musician Jean Michel Jarre. 

    Called the AeroDream One, it is eleven feet tall and combines an iPod dock with a 10,000W stereo system. It has a diameter of 16.3 inches and weighs 395kg. 

    There's a built-in ladder to dock your device, and you can connect other devices through a stereo minijack, XLR line level inputs or via USB port. 

    The dock has five separate amplifiers and is rated from 25Hz to 20kHz.

    It costs $565,000 for each custom-built model. 


  • For the rock-bottom price of $679.99, you can be the proud owner of a life-sized Yoda model in your living room.

    Yoda stands 26 inches tall and comes with a base and detachable lightsaber.


Topic: Tech Industry

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