Things you didn't know you could do online

Things you didn't know you could do online

Summary: If you're bored of Facebook, why not rent a husband or watch the African plains to pass the time?

TOPICS: Tech Industry

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  • Pay someone $5 for a random job

    For the odd jobs that you need completed, Fiverr lets you pay someone else to do it for you.

    The website allows you to sign up and offer a 'gig' for under $5. 48 hours after someone finishes a job, wages are paid to an account which can then be withdrawn through PayPal.

    Jobs vary; from choosing a skincare regimen for you to shooting business clips. In other cases, you can have a member of the Maasai pose with your name on a board, you can be taught how to moonwalk, or get someone complete your homework assignments for you.

    Via: Fiverr

  • See what's happening in Africa

    There's something relaxing about being on the African plains -- but Africam will allow you to have the experience while sitting at home.

    The website, designed in order to bring about more awareness around the illegal wildlife trade, has set up cameras in African areas including Tembe, Nkorho, Idube and the Elephant Plains. Users can connect to these cameras for free, receive animal alerts and take photos 24/7. The Africams can also be used on mobile if you have an iPad or iPhone. 

    Via: Africam


  • Order snail mail: miniature messages

    California-based Leafcutter designs, owned by Lea Redmond and her brother, offers tiny letters set with miniature wax seals for those who want a more unusual spin on typical letter writing.

    Once a message is submitted online, the studio makes the letter in-studio and mails it onwards. In order to let the recipient read what's written, each order comes with a magnifying glass as well as a see-through coin case for presentation. 

    The service has proven popular, and the product range has now expanded to include one-inch-wide custom letters and 1.75-inch-wide packages aimed at product launches and event invitations. 

    Via: Leafcutterdesigns

Topic: Tech Industry

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  • scam

    I say it is a scam
  • anpther bloody gallery

    so couldn't be arsed to read it
  • Rent a Husband

    Hey Charlie, once women figure out how to open a pickle jar, fix furniture, set up home audio/video, or fix a leaking toilet, you won't need men at all.
  • Or

    Just step away from the computer
  • lol rent a husband!

    LOL that's classic rest is kinda understandably less common. But watch paint dry? o_O apparently someone found themselves in the weird dimension on the internet.
  • One Sided Report?

    Is that a Klein bottle? Terrific, you can now carry EVERYTHING in your earring! (If you don't get the reference, look it up in a topology textbook.)
  • Pictures?

    I didn't bother to rad this because of all of the time it takes for this stuff to load. Think about that when you are writing articles! Put the text first and let us decide if there is enough information there to warrant looking at the pictures.
  • Thanks for the tip!

    Your list is an interesting find. Thanks for putting it together