Things you didn't know you could do online

Things you didn't know you could do online

Summary: If you're bored of Facebook, why not rent a husband or watch the African plains to pass the time?

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  • Make good use of your 404 page

    If you are a website owner with a bland 404 page, why not put it to good social use?

    This is the concept behind the NotFound project, which gives website masters an application that automatically publishes a picture of a missing child on every 'not found' page of a website. At the moment, the application mainly shows children missing in Belgium, Cyprus, France, Greece, Italy, Spain and the U.K., although the project will soon launch in the United States and Canada. 



  • Check out the plane's interior for your next flight

    Sitting for hours in a cramped metal tube isn't generally much fun, unless you have pockets deep enough to hang out in first class. If you'd like a more comprehensive look at the plane you've booked yourself on, then Seatguru can give you airline seat maps, flight updates and photos.

    In addition, previous fliers are able to comment on particular craft or flights.

    One of the coolest features available on the website is a Beta comparison service between different economy flights. The prices vary -- as does seat width and leg room. 

    Via: Seatguru

  • Design and order your 3D-printed creations

    3D printing is becoming established as a construction method in everything from art to architecture. Health professionals have used the technology to build innovative prosthetics for children, firms offer 3D models in replace of pregnancy ultrasounds, Japanese companies use it to create miniature dolls of citizens and New York officials are panicking over 3D printed weaponry.

    For the average consumer however, there is imateralise -- an online service which lets users upload or sell 3D designs for manufacture. With designs for jewelry to artwork and transport models, the upload and print service is useful if you want to give someone a more unusual gift for their birthday this year.

    Via: imaterialise

Topic: Tech Industry

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  • scam

    I say it is a scam
  • anpther bloody gallery

    so couldn't be arsed to read it
  • Rent a Husband

    Hey Charlie, once women figure out how to open a pickle jar, fix furniture, set up home audio/video, or fix a leaking toilet, you won't need men at all.
  • Or

    Just step away from the computer
  • lol rent a husband!

    LOL that's classic rest is kinda understandably less common. But watch paint dry? o_O apparently someone found themselves in the weird dimension on the internet.
  • One Sided Report?

    Is that a Klein bottle? Terrific, you can now carry EVERYTHING in your earring! (If you don't get the reference, look it up in a topology textbook.)
  • Pictures?

    I didn't bother to rad this because of all of the time it takes for this stuff to load. Think about that when you are writing articles! Put the text first and let us decide if there is enough information there to warrant looking at the pictures.
  • Thanks for the tip!

    Your list is an interesting find. Thanks for putting it together