ThinkPad T431s: Review in photos

ThinkPad T431s: Review in photos

Summary: The latest ThinkPad from Lenovo has a large trackpad with unique 5-button configuration and is made to withstand the bumps of the road.


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  • ThinkPad T431s laptop from Lenovo

    The ThinkPad line of laptops means business, and this 14-inch laptop from Lenovo is a firm addition to the product line. It won't win any beauty contests with the black matte finish typical of ThinkPad products but fans will be pleased.

    The T431s is a thin (0.81 inch), light (3.6 lbs) ThinkPad with some unique design choices that make this 14-inch laptop a good choice, especially for the enterprise. That's the usual target for ThinkPads so the T431s is likely to be a popular choice.

    Hardware specs as reviewed:

    • CPU: Intel Core i5, 1.90GHz
    • OS: Windows 8 Pro 64-bit
    • Display: 14-inch, 1600x900, 250 nits
    • Storage: 500GB, 7,200rpm
    • Memory: 4GB (12GB max)
    • Ports: 4-in-1 card reader (MMC, SD, SDHC, SDXC); 2-USB 3.0; VGA; MiniDisplayport, RJ-45; dock connector
    • Camera: 720p webcam
    • Communications: wi-fi; Bluetooth
    • Battery: 3-cell, 47Whr
    • Dimensions: 13.03x8.9x0.81in; 3.6lb
  • ThinkPad construction

    The T431s has the typical high-quality construction designed to meet high standards. The carbon fiber used adds strength while keeping the weight down to a minimum.

    At only 0.81 inches thick, the laptop is very easy to carry and will fit in almost any gear bag with a big pocket.

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  • Cool

    But I do wish they's bring back the blue Enter key, just for nostalgia (and to emphasise the fact that they have great keyboards, this looks like any laptop keyboard - even though it feels better).
  • Err, James...

    You are aware that the "flat out" hinge is a pretty common feature of ThinkPads aren't you? It can also be quite useful (there isn't enough room to use a laptop in the normal manor while working on the gear under the bridge console of a motor yacht - but a tablet or a ThinkPad... that's doable).
  • 3 cell battery? really?

    A 3 cell battery on a 14 inch laptops will be dreadful for battery life. What is good about Lenovo is that they offer a choice of operating systems. Knowing full well that most enterprise will opt for Windows 7 and not Windows 8. I like my Lenovo E430 although its considered a bit of a "Plain Jane" in design. But I have to say I paid half as much as a MacBook Pro for same hardware specs.
    Yet I feel the E430 is much more rugged then a MBP.
  • Disappointed with the sealed battery...

    Have an older T400, and one of the first things I did was splurge for the larger 9-cell battery that was a Lenovo option. Yes, it made the back look weird, but the battery life was worth the trade-off.
    • slice battery?

      Could it be that the T431s offers a full-area "slice" battery that latches to the bottom surface, augmenting the 3-cell instead of replacing it?
  • Sealed battery Phenomena

    Funny, several years ago, every PC maker and every reviewer complain about sealed battery on mac book air. But now, it's become standart. DAMN !!! Apple changed PC industri design again !!!
    • It's not a standard.

      It's a trade-off.

      In this form-factor, very rarely will you see a user-replaceable battery.

      These are exceptions, not the norm.
  • But how does it work with Linux?

    No review of a ThinkPad is complete without a review of how it works with at least one of the popular Linux distributions, esp. since Lenovo's adoption of Nvidia has led to so many issues. You'll have my interest after you've tested the T431s with "Nadia" (Linux Mint 14)... ;)